Rolling The Dice – Online Casino Games

The term online casino games is self-explanatory. It’s gambling like you do in casino’s but you do it online instead.

Online casinos are divided into 2 types: Downloaded version and web based version.

Web based casinos entail one gambling online, but without downloading the programme on to their PC, whereas downloaded version entail downloading the software client on to your PC, and this is the only way that one can successfully participate in the games.


There are advantages and disadvantages to online casino games:

Bingo is one of the most popular online casino games as bingo is a game of chance. Each member is issued with numbers that they have not chosen, the player then ticks or marks the numbers that he has against the numbers that are going to be given to him randomly.  The player wins the Bingo game when he completes a line or a lot of lines more quickly than the other players.

Online Casino Games

Online Roulette is another online casino game, and the advantage to online roulette is that it gives you much lower betting limits than live roulette.  You just pick a number from 0-37 in this game, make a bet and let the wheel spin, your chances of winning are pretty good online as you have cross your fingers that the ball falls on your numbers, but you can’t place any more bets until the ball has landed on the designated number.

The advantages of playing online casino games is that with the growth of technology one can sit at home and play their favourite casino games without the inconvenience of actually visiting a casino.  The other advantage enjoyed by most online casino players is that you win more with online casino games, much more than you would visiting a casino.  This is because the best Online casinos do not have to worry about over heard as land casinos do, so that is why they pay their players higher dividends.

Whether it’s the Roulette, poker, black jack or even the national lottery, next time you get the urge to gamble, just visit your favourite online casino games website.