Is online gambling rigged?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As an avid online gambler, you have probably heard many people say that online gambling is rigged. Although many of these people are unable to substantiate their claims, they believe that online casino operators are deliberately manipulating the odds. Unfortunately, these accusations often come from an emotional bias after a significant loss instead of from research and reasoning.


After all, online gambling sites are businesses that aim to make a profit while providing their customers with an entertaining service so that they come back and invest again. Unfortunately, every player is not able to win as the casino needs to make a profit, suspicions have surfaced that online casino games are rigged. While some people believe that online games have been set up so that the player never wins, the reality is, if the player always won there would be no more casinos for you and me to play at.


A house advantage does not by no means show that a game is rigged. Let’s take a closer look at a few logical explanations as to how and why online casinos are not rigged.


The numbers don’t lie

Online casino whistleblowers often believe the games are rigged because they have seen something “unbelievable” happen. In the casino industry, people often pick up on patterns and when a certain pattern becomes unlikely, it is always thought that the casino has rigged the game. According to the laws of probability, it is possible for example for six 8’S to be spun in a row in Roulette and not the casino is rigged.


Obviously, these results don’t happen often it is possible and can happen. The fact that certain results might look strange but it does not prove that a game is rigged.


Random number generators

Before being issued a license, all online casinos are obligated to adhere to certain standards, one of which is the fairness of their software. At the back-end of every online casino is a piece of software knows as a random number generator. This software generates a series of random numbers which are then turned into results on the screen such as a spin in a slot game or hand in Blackjack.


This means that for every slot machine spin or roll of the dice at an online casino, there is a mathematical equation behind the result that mirrors what could happen in a traditional casino. The software used by the casino must also be tested by accredited third-party organizations to ensure the software meets all the relevant standards. Once all tests have been completed, then the casino will be awarded certification.


Playing with the house advantage

No matter what game you play, casino games always favor the house. This is so that the casino takes in more money than it pays out. Winning at a casino is all about probability and luck, it all comes down to where you’ve placed your bets.


How to identify a rigged casino

Although rigged casinos are more uncommon than many people expect, if you stumble across a site that has had its license revoked, this is a sure sign that you could land up playing rigged games. When deciding which online casino to play, be sure to conduct thorough research on the sites, check out their reviews, and even get a few personal recommendations. This will ensure you play at reputable sites where the games are fair.


As you can see, online casinos go through tremendous scrutiny to ensure their offering to the public is of the highest standards and offer a service that is completely fair. They are constantly being audited to ensure their games are fair and that their random number generators are random. Having big winners often is in the best interest of the casino. It generates great PR and marketing which will only benefit them.