How to tell when a slot machine is going to hit

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It is virtually impossible to predict when a slot machine is going to hit. If it were possible casinos would be out of business. Both land-based and online casinos operate like well-oiled machines designed to provide entertainment to customers in exchange for money. As most people know slot machines are based on mathematical probability and their pay-outs are completely random, that’s what makes it so exciting.


Although some experienced gamblers might believe that they can tell when a slot machine is about to hit, it’s actually more of a hunch than anything. Although there is no exact science in trying to tell when a slot machine is about to hit, we’ve put together some insight into how slot machines work as well as some tips and tricks to hopefully increase your chances of winning big for when you next want to play a few rounds on the slots.



The randomness of slot machines

A slot machine computer is constantly selecting new results.  These results have absolutely nothing to do with results generated from previous spins. It all comes down to the random number generator: a software program that generates numbers at random from a list of numbers entered to represent each reel stop. The RNG (random number generator) produces more than a hundred sets of numbers per second, even when the slot machine is not being used.


This ensures every result is completely independent of each other and no one looking at a slot machine can predict which number will be generated next. An online slot machine contains a digital replication of physical reels. The random number generator then contains virtual reels.Each number in the RNG represents a stop on each reel.


If the RNG is set to select low paying symbols, the RNG is programmed to select it more often. Thus, this is why the probability can not be calculated through a formula as there is no way that a play can predict how many numbers correspond to which symbol. It is completely random.


Now that you know a bit about how slot machines work, here’s a few tips that may help you score a big:


Play slots with big payouts

If you have ever played in a casino, be it at a traditional, land-based casino or an online one, you are probably familiar with the term “house edge”. House edge refers to the mathematical advantage that the casino has over the players. This advantage results in a guaranteed percentage that is returned to the casino over time.


The casino will always beat the player in the long run, as the odds are in the casino’s favor. Although the advantage lies with the casino, it is still possible for players to win. Every slot machine has a return to player based on statistics which is called RTP (Return to Player). The average RTP per slot machine is around 90 – 96%. With this in mind, a slot machine that has an RTP of over 96% is always a good option.


How to work out the RTP for a slot game

Finding the RTP of a certain game is relatively easy. A simple online search will get you plenty of websites that review online casinos and their RTPs. You stand a higher chance of payout when playing higher RTPs, especially when playing through bonus spins.


For the love of entertainment or winning big

Volatility or variance in slot games measures how much and how often you can expect to win. As pay-outs are much higher with high volatility slots, be careful not to click spin too persistently at the expense of your bank account. On the other side of the spectrum are low volatility games where payouts are much smaller but more


If you prefer a game where you get a few little wins, it’s best to go for low volatility games, but if you’re wanting a big win and are winning to stick it out and take a few risks, high volatility games would be best.


What is the best strategy for playing slots?

Unfortunately, there is no fool-proof strategy to help you hit the jackpot. Before you start playing slots at an online casino it is a good idea to find out the payout percentage of the machine. Try to go for machines that offer 95% RTP or more.


Make the most out of casino bonuses, they can increase your chances by giving you free spins. At the end of the day, no skill will help you predict when a slot machine is going to pay out, but you can definitely try different strategies to maximize your chances of winning. Good luck and happy gambling.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]