How to tell if a casino is legitimate

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If there is one industry that is booming in 2020 it’s online casinos. These days more and more people are opting to gamble online as a safer alternative to large, overcrowded casinos. But, how do you know if the online casino you are playing at and spending all your money with is indeed legitimate? With an overwhelming number of casinos to choose from, the thought of choosing one can be quite intimidating.


There is nothing worse than realizing the casino you’ve been giving all your money to has no intention of paying out your earnings. That’s where we come in. We’ll point you in the right direction by showing you what to look out for to determine if the casino you’re playing at is both trustworthy and a legitimate business.


So how do I know if a site is legitimate?


Beware of free offers

Be sure not to fall prey to an illegitimate site just by taking them up on their “too good to be true” bonuses. Most rogue online casinos lure customers in by offering extremely generous bonuses and rewards. For many unassuming people, there is nothing better than taking home free money.


Look out for relevant documentation

Every legitimate online casino will be licensed and registered. Their willingness to provide this information to you says a lot about their character as a casino. Legitimate casinos have no problem providing this information to their customers.


You will also notice that most online casinos have their license and registration numbers clearly visible on the site. Seeing this information upfront helps players get the reassurance they need. Battling to find this information on a site is a big red flag.



A great way to tell what other players think of an online casino is to read a few of their online reviews. A simple google search will get quite a few results which will give you a good idea if a certain casino is up to no good. These reviews are written by players who have played at the casino and gives you an indication of what type of experience awaits you.


Most legitimate online casinos open up their website for players to write reviews. This is a great sign of transparency by the casino. Be sure to check that the reviews written on a casino’s website are in fact true as it is possible to put up fake reviews in order to attract customers.



Type of software used

An important factor when finding out how legitimate an online casino is to consider the type of software used for casino games. Legitimate casinos often are upfront about which software provider they use. Playtech, Microgaming, and Cryptologic are some of the big names in gaming software in the industry.

Having one of these software providers partners with an online casino is a huge drawcard.


Withdrawal methods

Be sure to check the methods used for withdrawals. There is nothing worse than playing at a casino that makes it difficult to withdraw your winnings. Some shady online casinos make it so hard for their players to withdraw their money that they end up getting so frustrated and end up re-investing the money in
the site instead of withdrawing it.

You need to stay away from such casinos.


Responsible gambling

Players who do not gamble responsibly should be treated delicately. It is important that the casino remains transparent with players rather than trap them into spending money they cant afford. Players should be able to set limits on their deposits. This would stop a person from spending more
money than they would want to.


Choosing which online casino to play at can be quite a daunting process as there are so many options out there. Make sure you only play at legitimate casinos that are upfront about their registration and licensing documents, offer a variety of withdrawal methods, the best gaming software in the business,
and promote responsible gambling. Once you’ve ticked these items off your list you’re sure to find a trustworthy, legitimate casino.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]