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What is Poker?

Poker is an increasingly popular casino games because it allows skilled players to combine skillful play and a bit of luck in order to become consistent winners or even professional players.

Because of the complexity of the game of poker, some of the most important elements that can be learned, improved and manipulated during the game include memory, powers of observation, psychology, betting techniques and determination.

There are many different poker variation from 7 Card Stud, Texas Holdem and Omaha, however the common characteristics of these variations include the standard deck of 52 playing cards and the rank of the hands. One of the most vital key skills that skilled poker players possess is the ability to interpret the behavior of their opponents at the table.

This involves paying particular attention to any physical reaction, habit or kind of behavior that gives players information about their opponent’s hand. Once a player learns the basic “poker tells” they will be in a better position to read their opponent’s tells accurately and make the right decisions that will result in frequent and more substantial wins. In addition, a player will also be able to watch their own behavior and to ensure that their body language is not selling out any secrets.



Some of the most common and involuntary poker tells which indicate that a player has an excellent hand include the following:

  • A player who exhibits limited or no interest in a hand while still in it is probably holding a good hand.
  • Some players usually shake when placing bets and this usually indicates thatthey have received a strong hand.
  • Some players fail to control the automatic heart-racing that occurs when they have an excellent hand such as a pocket of aces.
  • Usually when a player overreacts and continuously sighs and passes comments like “l guess I’ll call” then chances are he is probably trying to hide a big hand.
  • A player who glances at chips after looking at hole or pocket cards may be doing so in order to see just how much he can bet.

Some of the most common and involuntary poker tells which indicate that a player has a weak hand include the following:

    • A player who looks down on other players is likely holding a weak hand and is simply trying to represent his strength.
    • In most cases, inexperienced players tend to feign emotions such as sighing or holding their breath when they have a weak hand.
    • Players who tend to glance at their hole cards just after a flop has been calledprobably don’t have the straight or royal flush at that point because if they did they would not have to verify. They are probably assessing to see if they have a draw to it.
    • A player who delays in placing his bet is probably holding a weak hand and perhaps trying to make an assessment of the pot odds

Another important factor to take into account is that the more experienced players may give off false tells, so it is important to determine whether the opposing players are novices or pros.

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