Can casinos ban you from winning?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So, you hit a good run at a casino, you’ve scored a few wins throughout the evening and are having a great time with friends, and all of a sudden, you’re kicked out from the casino. Sounds harsh, doesn’t it? It doesn’t make sense for a regulated casino to ban a legitimate play who is winning. It would actually make more sense for them to encourage you to keep playing to get some of their money back.


Although there is a multitude of reasons as to why a person can be kicked out or banned from a casino, winning honestly is not one of them. Most players seem to think it is personal or because they’ve hit a winning streak, but usually, it’s because a player is genuinely playing unfairly or with an unfair advantage. At land-based casinos players who have been found to get too drunk, disrespect staff or use cheating strategies such as card counting can expect to be kicked out.


You might not know it but a casino ban isn’t just restricted to traditional land-based casinos. Players who break the rules at an online casino can be banned too. Let’s take a closer look at what will, however, get you banned.


Underage gambling

With online casinos being so accessible to everyone the number of underage gamblers has skyrocketed over the last few years. It has become challenging for online casinos to strictly and accurately verify the age of players, hence, so many people finding ways to by-pass the system. If a player who is found to be under the legal gambling age is caught, they will automatically be banned from the site.


Abuse of bonuses

If you’re abusing the bonuses they offer to new players, this is a sure way to get yourself banned. You’ll find many players trying to outsmart the system by setting up multiple accounts all with different email addresses and contact details to hide their identity and qualify for the welcome bonuses. However, online casinos make use of world-class technology and can track every player that enters their site with multiple accounts.


This is without a doubt the fastest and most popular way to get yourself banned.


Unfair playing strategies

For players who attempt to play unfairly, you’ll be kicked off the site without warning. Online casinos have built up a reputation over the years of being honest and vigilant when it comes to cheating players. Sophisticated software used by online casinos will red flag any suspicious activity, cheating, and money laundering.


There is no warning or proof needed if you are found cheating. You will simply get banned as quickly as you cheated. An honest, winning player will not get banned from a legitimate casino site. Online casinos would actually rather keep you around than lose you over a house edge.


Also, some players opt to voluntarily ban themselves from a casino. Voluntary exclusion programs allow players to ban themselves due to gambling addictions.
Be sure to enjoy casino games as they were intended to be enjoyed, without cheating.


With this outlook, you’ll be able to play at all of your favorite casinos as often as you like.