How many casinos are there in Singapore?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Although Singapore might not top the list of the world’s greatest gambling destinations, Singapore’s casinos attract players from near and far with world-class facilities, an abundance of casino games and not to mention some real glitz and glam. As it is a city that offers a tropical climate, a diverse multi-cultural population, and a buzzing metropolis, you can see why it is gaining popularity as a gambling destination. Situated in East Asia, Singapore is one of the world’s leading banking cities attracting many high-rollers.


While there might be a limited number of casinos in Singapore, they have been placed in the Top 10 in the world in terms of casino revenue. So, there is no doubt that the stakes are high when it comes to gambling in Singapore. The first casino opened in Singapore in 2006 and offered gambling in the form of casino gambling as well as horse racing tracks.


The country offers two large casinos; a government-run lottery system called Singapore Pools, and a horse racing track. Lotteries were created in Singapore to curb illegal gambling and betting syndicates that once ruled the scene. Due to a struggling global economic climate, casino operators in Singapore have begun to focus on attracting mass-market players in addition to the VIP gambling market.


The largest gambling hub in Singapore is in the city of Marina Bay. The $8 billion resort reaches an altitude of over 200 meters. The casino and entertainment complex, Marina Bay Sands Casino offers over 2500 slot and video machines and over 700 casino table games.


Offering a panoramic view of the city of Singapore, with world-class dining, entertainment, and accommodation options, Marina Bay Sands is a world of its own. The second casino in Singapore is The Resort World Sentosa which is situated on the island of Sentosa. The resort contains 8 eco-friendly hotels as well as golf courses, beaches as well as a picturesque landscape.


The casino offers over 500 table games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Pai Gow, and Poker as well as over 200 modern slot machines. For players looking for something a bit more adventurous, the Aegean Paradise Cruise Casino is also rated as one of the best casinos in Singapore. Sailing out to International waters, this casino cruise provides some of the finest facilities to passengers. The cruise offers over 40 casino table games which include Blackjack and Poker and the minimum bet is as little as SGD 2.


Exploring and playing in Singapore’s finest casino’s is an experience like no other. The casinos offer some of the best facilities and entertainment options in the world. Let a gambling vacation in Singapore be next on your bucket list.