Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em

Texas Holdem represents one of the most popular poker variants in which the standard deck of 52-cards is used. Players can opt to play for real money in the cash games where no restrictions of time are imposed. You can play Texas Holdem in tournament events for a chance to win the massive prize pool available to the winning players.

Dealing in Texas Holdem.

Dealing the cards in Texas Holdem is carried out in accordance with a simple set of rules which helps to promote game fairness and maintain the flow of the game

  • Players receive 2 face down cards or “Holecards” which are dealt starting from the dealer’s left hand side.
  • Players also receive fiveface-up community cards which are dealt in three separate stages right in the center of the table.
  • During the flop, players are dealt the first three face-up cards in the first stage. In the 2nd stage known as the Turn, players receive one card face up and in the final stage or the River, players are dealt one face up card.
  • In order to make the best possible 5 card hand, players can make use of a combination of the 5 cards on the table and 2 cards in their hand.


Betting in Texas Hold’em.

  • The Texas Holdem- Limit variant allows you place a predetermined amount of money for each betting round.
  • The Texas Holdem- Pot Limit variant allows you toplace a bet of any size limited to the amount available in the pot.
  • The Texas Holdem-No Limit variantallows you to place a bet of any size limited to the amount available to you at the table.

In each betting round, there are two situations:

Actions –No BetsPlaced

  • Check –  You can check without placing any money into the prize pool. The following card will be dealt provided no further bets are made.
  • Bet – You can bet by placing some additionalmoney into the prize pool.
  • Fold –Folding is another option available to you but this is not really necessary because it is possible for you to see the following card without taking the option.

Actions- Following a Bet.

  • Call-  You can make a call by placing abet equal in value to that of your opponent. The next card will be dealt provided no other playersdecide to raise this bet.
  • Raise – By raising your opponent’s bet, you force the player to place additional money into the pot in order to see the following card.
  • Fold – Folding places you out of the hand- you will not be able to place money into the pot or win any share of the prize poo