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Lottery Jackpot worth R87 Million unclaimed in South Africa.

Ithuba nationl lottery had validated a ticket that was purchased in Limpopo.
R20 was the amount used to purchase the winning ticket at a filling station in Mokopane‚ this is reported to be the fourth-biggest cash prize in the history of the lottery in South Africa. Natinol Lottory

John Mphosi a Businessman‚ who bought a winning ticket at the national lottery says he bought his ticket hours before the live draw.
Counseling treatment is offered to jackpot winners to help them cope with the stress anxiety that comes with their newfound multimillion status – in most cases history has shown that not all winners enjoy life to the fullest.

On 8 April 2000 Batsirayi Mupfawi won a fortune‚ worked for 15 years as a chauffeur for golfer Ernie Els’ manager Nick Frangos‚ Batsirayi Mupfawi spending R5 on a lottery ticket‚ reported the Sunday Times. He bought a R1.6-million home and spoiled his family to a holiday in Disneyland.
He also ran his own cross-border trucking company‚ he gathered a numberof debts and one of his flats was auctioned. He said at the time‚ he was far better than some lottery winners whose ended in tears. “I have read so many stories about Lotto winners who died early‚” he said.

Famous lottery winners that are known for their misfortune‚ reported by the Sunday Times included:

– South Africa’s first lottery jack-pot winner‚ who walk away with a pocketed amount of R14-million‚ produced a sum of debts in the past years; win in the UK lottery

– Man called William Post‚ who won more than R780-million in a US Jack-pot draw in 1998‚ only to end up living on a social grant afterwards a relative‚ hired a hit man to kill him and then sued him;

– Jason Canterbury‚ from the South African Cape Flats‚ who won around R6.7-million lottery money in 2003 at the age of 18. A few years ago‚ he was sentenced to 28 years in jail for murder while trying to maintain his criminal and drug lifestyle after losing his lottery jack-pot winnings.

– Winner by the name of Jeffrey Dampier‚ who died after his 1986 US lottery winnings of R134-million. His sister-in-law‚ who planned to kill him so that she could inherit his winnings‚ she was later sentenced to life in prison for his murder.

Pokemon Go, a sophisticated spy network or an innocent game?

Finding Charmander is now a reality. Pokémon Go launched in early July 2016, attracting millions and millions of users, there is a vast collection of intelligence gathered like visual Intelligence, which established an organized way to accumulate data.Game or spy network
To participate in the game, you have to download the free app on Apple stores or Google app store and install it to your smartphone.
When the game launches, the app automatically turns on the video camera of the phone and it’s GPS location system.

The game player hunts ‘Pokémon’ dolls that are painted in different forms and appears on the smartphone’s screen by use of the camera, this can be anywhere: on the street, at the airport, the expansion of the museum or the observation deck of a skyscraper.Super-Bowl-Catch-them-all
Pokémon Go, uses breakthrough innovative technology that will change the face of future marketing and global trade, based on figures from the nineties card game, developed by Niantik US in San Francisco, California.

Niantik was founded in 2010 as a start-up company by Keyhole, who was founded in 2001 and funded by the venture capital fund in-Q-Tel, which was controlled by the National security agency US (NSA) and acquired years later by Google.
These companies are organized and has strong ties to Google and the US intelligence agencies, there isn’t much room left to provide the real purpose of the game and the design of the product in use. Other operators can pick up the game and be able to get an accurate indication level by tracking the GPS coordinates to find the location of each and every one of the millions of users at any given time and have access to each video camera.

Apparently this application is used for crowdsourcing, innocent spying, taking photos and video in real time in every corner of the planet. Similarly, at least one features of the game, built on the definition and exact requirements of these intelligence organizations, is the gratification of every officer when it comes to intelligence-gathering. A game developer at Niantik announced that it would allow different companies (after commercial agreements) to advertise the presence of Pokémon around the centre of shops, restaurants or museums. Play Pokemon Go,

Hence the rumours on social networks where “Pokémon surrounding a nuclear power plant” in a city where someone was looking for a rare species of Pokémon.

It may be assumed that hundreds (if not thousands) are active in playing this game. With cameras and GPS receivers open and constantly streaming videos, depicting the protective shield around the nuclear power plant, will reach the top of the intelligence organization behind the game. The game can lead players to some places that have significant risk and could play well to the hands of organized crime and especially terrorism groups.

Springfield shock – The yellow family is falling apart!

Simpsons divorce Is the yellow family falling apart? Simpsons producer says they yellow couple will get divorced this season.

The web is shocked by the latest news of the most surprising divorce case, in 26 seasons the simpsons endure all kinds of crises, fights & Homer umb behavior, But now it seems to be final. Homer and Marge no longer together.

In the premiere episode of the 27th season, which will be broadcast on September 27, the yellow and entertaining couple is in fact getting divorced. The producer, Al Jean, revealed the secret surprise In an interview this week, “Homer suffered all these years from narcolepsy (fall asleep – a neurological disorder that causes sleeping in many situations) and it’s indescribable burden on the marriage. Homer and Marge divorcing and Homer falls in love with his pharmacist, (voiced by Lena Dunham.) ” Jean added that there will be another small woman guest roles in the series.
It is worth remembering that the couple may get back together into the yellow nest and fall in love again at the end of the chapter.



Rage in South Africa: A porn movie was filmed in Lions Head Mountain, one of the seven wonders of the world

Cape Town Tourism Ministry launched an investigation about a porn scene that was taken on the edge of the “lion’s head” mountain which considered a popular tourist attraction bustling with visitors

lion's head



Ministry of Tourism in Cape Town, South Africa, reacted in disbelief when he received a pornographic video of a man and woman having sex on the “Lion’s Head” mountain , which is considered a major tourist site in Cape Town. Site, recently elected one of the ‘Seven Natural Wonders of the World “, visiting some 4 million tourists a year.

Mount “Lion’s Head” rises to a height of 669 meters above sea level, rising when walking route to the summit takes about three hours each way. National Park spokeswoman, Merle Collins, said that before the video came into her own hands, she revealed a picture of it and thought it was Photoshop. According to her, the agency did not approve the photos in place and is now trying to find out who is behind the daring video.

It seems they did it on the edge of a mountain that can be seen in the background the magnificent view of the city overlooking the summit, “said Collins,” we speculate that they had a security guard had gone away from the audience, that it is a tourist attraction which come in hordes of visitors every day. ”

So far I do not know who took the part, put on the internet last weekend, but many believe the photos were taken recently.