Which sex is better at gambling?

When we think of gambling, it is often men who come to mind as opposed to women. Movies and books depict great gamblers and men, while women sit on the sidelines as lucky charms, egging their men on. However, this is not necessarily the case, as there have been quite a few very successful women gamblers in our time.

It has been found that women are often more drawn to games which require luck, while men are drawn to games which require strategy. For example, there was a woman in Glasgow named Agnes Haddock, who bet 2 pounds on a couple of horses in 2007. She ended up winning a cool £688,620! The ironic thing, is that she is said to have chosen these horses based on their ‘nice names’ and nothing more. Men would generally look at factors such as winning statistics etc, but Ms Haddock relied purely on luck.

The way Haddock placed her bet is typical of how most female players gamble. The main difference between female and male gamblers is the motivation for gaming. Whether it’s a live casino game, a mobile phone game like online poker, or any other casino slot games, women are driven by the social side of casinos and see it more as a form of entertainment

Where Haddock could have done some research on horses, she instead made a social call and followed her instincts. Most men enjoy showing off their skills, making them more likely to have practiced playing certain casino games or to have studied everything related to the bet they are about to make. The differences in men and women lie in the fact that overall, games which require luck are favoured by women as opposed to games which require in-depth strategy, which are favoured by men.

There are gambling statistics which actually support this view, because believe it or not, men lose more in the space of a year than women do. With this in mind, it would look like the most successful gamblers are women. However, the general statistics do not account for factors such as how often bets are made and whether vast amounts are lost on high stakes games as opposed to ones with lower stakes.

When it comes to online gambling, our players consist of a range of both men and women. So come on ladies, show the men who is boss and carry on winning big!