Suspended Members of the South Africa’s National Gambling Board (NGB) 2014

National Gambling Board south africaSuspended Members of the South Africa’s National Gambling Board (NGB) were under investigation of exhausting taxpayer’s money for personal use. The Minister of Trade and Industry has said that the suspensions are “cautionary” at this time. The alleged infringement of the Public Finance Management Act is being examined and Rob Davies.

Allegations Against The NGB

Damming allegations have been razed against the South African gambling board by a informer who claimed they gave themselves increases and also toured in style all this on taxpayer money. There are records that show that the NGB claimed an yearly budget of R4 million, they squandered half of their yearly R33 million budget on personal expenditures.

The supposed violation of the Public Finance Management Act includes ” making overdraft on the entity’s bank account without the approval of the minister of finance, irregular spending, fruitless and wasteful expenditure on personal usage.”

The Members of the NGB have been accused of raising their own salaries by 46% and R2.7 million on travel, and this includes R1.4 million on travelling to a conference in Norway during the 2013-14 year.

Including, in  the boards is investigation of corruption, the National Gambling Act by “allowing old members whose term of office had expired to remain sharing in the board’s activities and on behalf of the NGB.”

Changes to the Board

Radical changes have been made and solutions are being considered for a number of unresolved problems. Tumelo Baleni, a co-administrator nominated by Mr. Davies he will take responsibility of the board administration. It’s clear that there are positions that need to be occupied, including the heads of HR and legal department.

The shortfalls must be addressed and a solution must be actioned out. In 2012-13, the discrepancy reached R4.8 million and in 2013-14, it reached R4.1 million. The area they are renting is far larger than the requirements of the board at 1,800m2 and it was paying R200 per square meter, this is much higher than the current market rate of R120-R150 per square meter.