Pokemon Go, a sophisticated spy network or an innocent game?

Finding Charmander is now a reality. Pokémon Go launched in early July 2016, attracting millions and millions of users, there is a vast collection of intelligence gathered like visual Intelligence, which established an organized way to accumulate data.Game or spy network
To participate in the game, you have to download the free app on Apple stores or Google app store and install it to your smartphone.
When the game launches, the app automatically turns on the video camera of the phone and it’s GPS location system.

The game player hunts ‘Pokémon’ dolls that are painted in different forms and appears on the smartphone’s screen by use of the camera, this can be anywhere: on the street, at the airport, the expansion of the museum or the observation deck of a skyscraper.Super-Bowl-Catch-them-all
Pokémon Go, uses breakthrough innovative technology that will change the face of future marketing and global trade, based on figures from the nineties card game, developed by Niantik US in San Francisco, California.

Niantik was founded in 2010 as a start-up company by Keyhole, who was founded in 2001 and funded by the venture capital fund in-Q-Tel, which was controlled by the National security agency US (NSA) and acquired years later by Google.
These companies are organized and has strong ties to Google and the US intelligence agencies, there isn’t much room left to provide the real purpose of the game and the design of the product in use. Other operators can pick up the game and be able to get an accurate indication level by tracking the GPS coordinates to find the location of each and every one of the millions of users at any given time and have access to each video camera.

Apparently this application is used for crowdsourcing, innocent spying, taking photos and video in real time in every corner of the planet. Similarly, at least one features of the game, built on the definition and exact requirements of these intelligence organizations, is the gratification of every officer when it comes to intelligence-gathering. A game developer at Niantik announced that it would allow different companies (after commercial agreements) to advertise the presence of Pokémon around the centre of shops, restaurants or museums. Play Pokemon Go,

Hence the rumours on social networks where “Pokémon surrounding a nuclear power plant” in a city where someone was looking for a rare species of Pokémon.

It may be assumed that hundreds (if not thousands) are active in playing this game. With cameras and GPS receivers open and constantly streaming videos, depicting the protective shield around the nuclear power plant, will reach the top of the intelligence organization behind the game. The game can lead players to some places that have significant risk and could play well to the hands of organized crime and especially terrorism groups.