Beginner’s Guide to successful gambling

We are confident, you’ve heard a lot about online gambling – maybe you have a family member, colleague or friend who gambles regularly, and you thought about it. But then again where do you Start? A quick scan through search engines like Google will disclose that there are exactly thousands of online casinos to select from. The total number of online casinos can bring daunting.

Online Casino SA is going to present this as Q&A from top questions, we get requested by first time gamblers.


Q: How do I choose the best online casino?

A: Begin by searching for the kind of games you like to play online. There is a lot of different kinds of online games out there, and one that focuses on poker tournaments is perhaps not going to be the greatest  game for you as a beginner.

Other great things to consider when picking a online game is to play a free game that includes, a license and is regulated. Is it checked for fairness? Does the site have the games I want to play? Does it have easy to deposit  menus for money into the online casino? Will it be as easy to ways to cash out again? Can I gamble in my own currency or will I have to work with Forex?

Some advice, always do your research. Find yourself a trustworthy online casino site from your part of the world, such as, and read the review and articles on what other gamblers have said about your selected online casino.


Q: Is gambling online safe?

A: Yes, but having that said, delightfully exercise a certain number of sense. If something sounds too good to be true, it maybe is true. So, pick a online casino that is certified, and if that’s so, look for one that has some kind of oversight.

Internationally, there are a small number of organisations groups that enforce consumer rights at online casinos – companies like Technical Systems Testing that make sure that the games that are offer are fair, and can sometimes offer facilitation services if you have a problem.

If your online casino game is certificated from one of these organisations, this is a good pointer that it’s totally above board.


Q: How do I buy-in my online casino account?

A great deal of online casinos will happily accept deposits from a credit card. A few of the major international online casinos are going to the South African marketplaces and even have a South African currency deposits in Rands.

If you don’t want to use a credit card, or you don’t have a credit card for online gambling, you can look at an e-wallet solution. There are a number of them available, but you’ll need to pick one that your online casino accepts. Most online casinos are happy to accept business from South Africans.

Select a money solution that you can transfer money into and out of it, and use it to fund your online casino account and to receive winnings into a normal savings account in South Africa.