6 types of people you will defiantly see in a casino

Casinos are places where large sums of cash is being won and lost, this is all based on the risk you’re willing to take and all stakes at hand. This is an worldwide Dream in all its glory. With that said is a lot of different places where you can gamble legally in the world, you will mostly see the same kind of people in almost every casino you enter. Starting from the Bellagio in Las Vegas to Harrah’s in New Orleans to the Tropicana in A.C. all the way to Africa the sun citys in South Africa, there are a few of people you’ll probably encounter either at the tables or on your third trip to the ATM.

The drunk guy/girl that how seems to be lost in the casinoben affleck

You will sometimes see a person that is wasted out of their shoes and will be stumbling through the slot machines like someone who has just had a banging  grenade that went off in front of their face. It will be 4:AM and they’ll be mumbling something about losing a boat load of cash playing Keno at the Luxor… “PLEASE will you help me get back to my ROOM!” thosewill be the words you hear. “ I’d critically appreciate it and thank you in advance” Can be the last words.


The rich guy who doesn’t care about losing a lot of cash

At times will be a guy (it could be a female, but usually is not) who just goes into casinos to definitely piss gamblers off. He will through around cash like it’s nothing and will give you a hard time when you hit a rough streak at the craps table. Showing off will be the name of the game. It’s not about the cash to him, it’s about making everyone around him feel miserable and small. He will try and be the Donald Trump of casinos douche bags and like Trump, it’s all “LOOK AT ME!” He wants to be seen and heard cause mommy didn’t pay enough attention to him when he was a child. Where are the bouncers when you really need them?

The big scary bouncer

It’s his shift and he does not want to hear or put up with any of your drunken antics. If you want to sing “More than a Feeling” while spilling beer all over the tables, then you are going to have to do that in your own kitchen at home. He will be the gentleman that is going to help you get there fast, even if he has to drag your drunken ass out to the casino by your ankles. He will not stand for you to throwing-up on your fellow gamblers, passing-out on the roulette wheel, or slapping the table and screaming “MONEY”. You may see him going into the casino all well, but chances are you won’t see him again until it’s too late, unlike a washing machine he does not have a kind cycle.

The Whale

Most gamblers have a better chance of seeing a whale in the wild, they would also see a whale in the casino (unless Steve Wynn opened an water themed hotel). They are big spenders who have their own special tables in the back reserved for people of their own unique economic status. They don’t have the ability to gamble for a few dollars, they need stack and stakes full of chips and a friendly dealer. They really could win or lose millions in just a few minutes of the game, but the perks of large sums of gambling is that they don’t have to sit next to the mortal gamblers, who live or die with every roll of dice. They can play games alone and let it ride on without anyone bothering them or getting in the way of their hot streak of cash.

 The waitress who has seen it all before in the casino

There’s frequently one in almost every casino you go to. The woman that wants nothing more than people ordering drinks and leave her there. Probably cause she’s taken on more than one hit by drunken gamblers, she looks a bit tired and somewhat stressed by the years of smoke filled rooms and years of insufferable drunk gamblers that grabbing her ass now and then. She’s just trying to get through her shift with enough tips to make her rent that month and only wants to know what kind of beer you’d like to drink. Most stories she could tell you would probably run shivers down your spine, but she doesn’t have the time and endurance to make conversation with any one at work. So just tip her and have your drink order ready before you get into an ugly scene with her, that you most likely want no part of.

The old lady playing slots alone

She’ll be in a outfitted of floral shirt and one of those neon eyeshades that say either “Las Vegas” or “Branson, Missouri” on it and will be well-appointed with a fanny pack full of nickels that would put the Dept of Treasury to shame. And she’ll be seated in front of a row full of slot machines and  will carefully feed change into each individual machine and pull the lever over and over, with her little bucket for winnings. Will she come out a winner? Hard to say, but she surely gets her money’s worth in entertainment value and she will get free drinks. I hope she wins that Viper roadster.