Online Poker Reviews

Online Casino SA  is not all about getting you the latest online poker reviews. Online Casino SA has a lot of professional experience when it comes to online poker along with online gambling that’s the aim reason why we have created this article, with a number of the top poker sites on the internet. If you want to learn more about a certain poker sites you can simply click on the full review of your chose.



888 is one of the top primary poker sites and is one of the biggest online poker networks in the world. The 888Poker brand comprises of online casino, betting site, bingo hall, and including the 888 poker site. What makes 888 Poker differently unique from others sites is their super perfuming software in 3D. Gamblers can get top promotions plus a current 100% to R6000 deposit bonus in addition to a free R80 no deposit bonus. The free cash offer is accessible to new gamblers that join 888 Poker through our site for the 1st time. No bonus code is required to get this bonus. Simply create a new gamblers account, and an instant bonus will be in your account once you deposit.



BWIN Poker – BWIN Poker is the third biggest poker site in Europe, after and PartyPoker. Gamblers at BWIN Poker is win a lot no matter what games or stakes they play. BWIN Poker is a a excessive site whether you cash-out on most of your games. If you prefer Sit and Go tournaments. Gamblers at BWIN Poker will really have an good chance to move up in levels as they play in some of the highest cash stake games and tournaments online. All new gamblers who sign up to BWIN Poker through Online Casino SA site will receive a 100% bonus up to R5000. This bonus is easy to reach and clear, you’ll also qualify for the VIP rewards membership which gives you additional cash incentives.



Winner Poker – WinnerPoker is an iPoker site providing to the Canadian and European continent. WinnePoker is well known for having some really good promotions and bonuses for their gamblers and WinnerPoker often host huge guaranteed tournaments, where gamblers can win some serious cash. The downside to WinnerPoker is that they do not cater for US gamblers at the moment. The Winnerpoker site has the ability to allow games to be played in Euros, Pounds, CDN dollar and provide an easy to use smart friendly platform compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. WinnerPoker is gives you a 250% sign-up bonus up to the maximum amount of R10 000 when you make your first deposit through Online Casino SA.

pokerstsrs is the biggest online poker site out on the internet and they have recently gotten to the 20 Millionth customers level. If you are looking for a poker site you will defiantly love  a lot of gamblers actively gamble here they say this is the place to be. If you are a Sit and Go gambler you will be happy to see the gamblers actively Sit and Go’s at PokerStars. This is huge and you will never have to wait long for the SNG’s to start. is home to the largest online poker tournament that is called the PokerStars Sunday Million which has a buy in of R2150 and a guaranteed prize pool of $1.5 Million. New gamblers at PokerStars can get a free R500 signup bonus if you enter the PokerStars marketing code PSP11903 when you create your  through Online Casino SA.


Advantage of Poker Forums

There are thousands of poker forums you can get on the internet, but only a few are worthwhile and active to poker gamblers. You might be wondering how exactly can you use a poker forum to your advantage, but there is a few ways. Online Casino SA will list them below for you, with a brief explanation as to how you can benefit from this.Poker-Forums

Helping you on your strategy

On some poker forums, VIP members are happy to advise gamblers on their poker strategy and how you can actually improving your game. All you have to do is post some of your historical hands where you feel you might be able to improve and wait for the replies of other VIP members. You may find some gamblers give bad advice or ridicule game play, but you there will find some golden advice given to you, which you can act upon.

Be update when coming to poker news and reviews  

There is no other way to keep up to date with poker news then a poker forum. There will always be threads made for gamblers containing poker information and when it happens, you will get a better insight on the poker industry and you might get a good read that will update your poker career to the next level.

Gamblers Experiences in the poker Career

If you are looking to gamble at a new poker site, you will be able to find something running at online casino sa. We also have information and posts by VIP members who have tested the sites. This will save you a lot of money if the site is a rogue site not paying out your withdrawals for example: you might find a better site recommended by several VIP members which caters for gamblers much better than the one you are attracted to. If you can’t find a conversation thread about the site, create one thread. You will get the most up to date information from gamblers and this will help you to no end when making your big decisions.

High Staking and Career Coaching

Most of the poker forums allow members to offer their staking and career coaching services. This is extremely helpful to gamblers if you are a winning gambler, but under current condition you haven’t got a bankroll and cannot make any deposits. If you want professional help to improve your poker skills and poker career, a poker coach can do wonders for your game for a reasonable price.

Have fun and Enjoy the Game!

If you’re experiencing slopes or a huge downswing, joining in on poker forum that can help ease the pain. A lot of threads on other poker forums have nothing to do with poker strategies, but they will take your mind off poker completely so that you can ease into a different mood.

Vegas Red Casino Review


Play for Fun: Yes

Currencies: ZAR $ € ₤

Support: Phone, Email, Live Chat

No Deposit Bonus: R100

Welcome Bonus: R8,888


The Infinite Possibilities of Playing at Vegas Red

Get ready to add a little, no make that a lot of excitement to your online gaming when you download and play at Vegas Red.

No need to pack your bags for a Vegas extravaganza. Venture to Vegas Red instead.

This red hot casino is a great online replication of Sin City with temptation, thrills and good fun at every turn, or in this case, every click of the mouse.

Hot Welcome

Hello Vegas! Nothing is more welcoming than a little freebie to whet your appetite.

Well, you’d better prepare yourself for infinite possibilities with Vegas Red’s $888 Welcome Bonus. This free money is a great gift to help you get started playing (and winning) your favorite games.

For a limited time, Vegas Red is also enticing new players with a $10 free, no deposit bonus. Just register to claim it.

Hot Bonuses

If you’re worried the great giveaways are only an enticement to get you in the virtual doors, don’t be.  At Vegas Red all the extras are more like a way of life.

Expect to be spoiled at every step of the way with great promotional offers, big bonuses and seasonal giveaways. There’s always a little extra on hand when you play at Vegas Red.

Hot Games

Bottom line, an online casino is only as good as its games. While bonuses and other freebies may be an initial draw, what you’re really sticking around for are the good times and big winnings.

Luckily Vegas Red delivers on this front as well. With some 300 cutting-edge Playtech powered games on offer, the selection is virtually unprecedented.

Roulette, blackjack, video poker, slots – you name it, whatever your game of choice, you’re sure to find it here and plenty more.  Thanks to realistic graphics, great sound effects and glitch-free software, playing online games has never felt this real.

Make sure to play in Real Money Mode though. That’s the only way to walk away with a jackpot prize.

Speaking of jackpots, if you’re looking for the ultimate win, our top recommendation would have to be one of the progressive jackpot games like Gold Rally, Beach Life or Marvel jackpot slots.

Hot Service

In our opinion, helpfulness is hot, which only adds to the overall appeal of Vegas Red, where helpful customer service is a big part of the game.

Friendly and efficient support agents are available around the clock to help you with any and all of your gaming needs. Whether you need help claiming a bonus, downloading the free casino software or understanding your VIP benefits, there is always someone available to assist by phone, email or chat.

Hot Casino

Overall, experience has proven that Vegas Red is indeed one hot online casino. By hot we mean great! We loved the games, the bonuses, the service and of course the ambience. If you like Vegas gambling, then we’re pretty sure you’ll love Vegas Red.

Play Casino Games at Vegas Red


How to Building online Poker Bankroll

Making a poker bankroll is a major task but it’s not as unreachable as some gamblers think it is. No matter how low is your financial start is, you can build a bankroll a lot faster than you might think. All it takes is your commitment the aim to resist money frequently in a short space of time. As you cash up in large stakes, the cash will come in faster speed and your bankroll will raise even faster than you can believe. It’s like a snowball rolling down a huge mountain.

Welcome Bonuses and VIP Membership

The greatest way to get off to a fast start is to hunt for bonus casinos online. Every poker online site gives away some deposit bonus and VIP membership when you sign up with them. Hundreds of online poker sites offer, tens and thousands of dollars out there and free money waiting for you.

The only thing you need to be able to do is gamble on solid poker so that you don’t lose cash while you clear your bonuses credit. If you learn the correct online poker strategy, you will be able to clear your bonuses without misplaying your cash, and you’ll also make extra cash on top of everything.

Bonus hunting needs a lot of planning for you to be able to take the exclusive advantage of poker bonuses and VIP Membership. The thing is, each online poker site only gives the bonus to you once off and VIP on Promotion. These bonuses are awarded on a matching percentage basis so what you want to do, you should always start out with the smallest bonuses and then work your way up to the bigger bonuses.

There is no point in killing a 100% up to $700 bonus if you only have $500 in your bankroll. Work with a smaller bonus first and then after move to the bigger bonus you can find. If you start with the smallest bonuses first, you’ll have the opportunity to take full advantage of the bigger bonuses later on the game.

Moving Up in Bulk Stakes

Poker bonuses can only take you to a certain point, however. As your bankroll gets better and better, the bonus cash will epitomize a smaller percentage of your overall income. What you need to do is study how to move up in bulk stakes so that you can play in biggest games and bring in more money you can ever have.

Moving up in bulk stakes is not something that can be taken for granted. You can’t just think that you want to get a bonus  that you think that you want to play against new competition. You must make sure that you are actually indefinitely ready to play at new higher stakes. Every time you move up in bulk stakes, the wagering competition gets tougher.

After clearing a bonus or build some bankroll stakes, to a point where you have enough cash to try new stakes, it’s always best to ease into a new stakes slowly reaching new highs. Don’t just quickly start gamble 8 new tables at a time. Start out by playing at one or two tables at a time make sure that you give yourself time to know the new playing gambling styles so that you know what to do.

When things go poorly before you make a move (and they will occasionally), don’t be afraid to move back down or go back to your old stakes game for a while. Not only is it better for your bankroll way, but it also helps you regain your self-assurance, you can give it another try with a stronger mindset.

Cashing Out you Stake

When you actually ready to cashing out if you want to make a huge online poker bankroll. It’s very appealing to cashout your money and get something very nice for yourself every once in a while. Those small cashouts will kill your bankroll.

I see a lot of gamblers wanting to go pro when they get the 100NL and 200NL levels and that’s mostly not a good idea. The cash can be good cash can be made at those levels, but you’ll fight to pay for all your living expenditures, deal with the irregular downswing and build the bankroll up at the same time.

Don’t make frequent cashouts, the strain on your bankroll is double. Firstly, it depletes your bankroll so that it takes longer to build it again. Secondly, the cash that you don’t have in your bankroll could have been used to move you up in the stakes and build the a bankroll faster than anyone can think. Instead, you’ll be stuck down the bottom and still wondering why it’s taking so long to make any real cash.

How To Management Your Bankroll

When you move up in bulk stakes, it is tempting to move up before your bankroll can fully endure the new levels of your gaming. Always make sure you play with a adequately large bankroll for whatever stakes you playing in.

When coming to the general rule of thumb is to play with at least 20 buyins, than you can be sure to move up in huge stakes and as you get to the middle and high stakes levels.

What to do when moving up and take a shot when I have 20 buyins at the level above my current level. Waiting until I have a full 20 buyins in the next level, I definitely know that I have a comfortable bankroll my current level. When the shot don’t go well, I can safely drop back down to a safe level for which I’m properly have bankrolled.

When you move up in bulk stakes, you must keep a bankroll of at least 30 or 40 buyins. This will give you a important pillow for those bad runs. It will also help you play with confidence.

Whatever amount you wager your bankroll, the most important thing is, you stick with it. If you always want to keep a 30 buyin bankroll, you need to be able to move down at any time you drop down to 29 buyins. Moving down is never a fun thing to do but it’s noticeably better than going broke.

Online Casinos VS. Land Based Casinos

Gambling has been enjoyed for centuries by a lot of people all over the world. Land-based casinos have been a places of entertainment for many decades all over the world; nonetheless the launching of online casinos have changed the face of gambling over the past fifteen year’s.  

Advantages of Gambling at Land-Based Casinos

Land-based casinos offer a thrill of excitement that cannot be imitated by any online casinos. Its a social option for those who are looking to go out with friends and family. Land-based casinos offer a strong gambling environment for anyone who is looking to try-out their gambling skills. The lights, music, free drinks and hundreds of gambling tables. The machines provide a unique atmosphere that you will remember for the rest of your life.


Benefits Of Online Casinos

Despite the benefits of live gambling, since the introduction of the first online casinos in the 1990s, online gambling has progressed to grow in popularity. Gamblers are now able to enjoy their favourite online casino games from the luxury of their own homes without the need to tour to the best land based casinos in the world or to pay for accommodation. Gamblers are no longer Strained by opening hours of a land-based casino, and can gamble at any time of the day or night. You and other  players enjoy the games with gathering with other players from around the world.

Free Online Poker

A lot of online casinos give hundreds and different games to choose from, their gamblers  love different games along with different winnings. With all of this wide range of  game options, there will always  be something for all types of gamblers. Plus many online casinos have regular tournaments that deals with a range of prizes that can be enjoyed by all gamblers.

Online casinos have a number of gaming options that’s made for all gamblers, and is particularly useful for new gamblers. Gamblers can get access to informative information, articles tutorials and, a wide-ranging of gaming rules. Gamblers can choose to play for free using the fun mode of the casino that allows you to learn the rules of the game and practice the game  you are playing at no risk to your (real-money) bankroll. Gamblers can take their time when playing an online casino game without pressure from the other gamblers to increase or maintain the state of the game.

All the Online Casinos offer bonuses and promotions to attract new players to their site and they will keep the existing players with VIP membership so that they don’t leaving. Bonuses can give you a sizable boost to your (real-money) bankroll this will keep you playing for long, giving you ample chances to win the jackpot.

Although online casinos cannot equate to the real electric atmosphere of land-based casinos, Online Casinos increasingly have a chat facilities and live dealer games that have a social atmosphere along with the extra benefits of online gaming.