Trustworthy South Africa Online Casinos that Offer ‘Free-to-Play’

With the seemingly growing number of South Africa online casinos out there today, it can become challenging to try and pick out the best one for you. For this reason, in addition to a few others that we will discuss, it is prudent for players seeking a new online sanctuary where they can have fun, relax and possibly earn money to keep an eye out for South Africa Online Casinos that offer reliable Free-to-Play modes.Free-to-Play casino-games

Play-free-casino styles allow gamblers to gain some time to relax and still enjoy casino time or gambling. In this review we will discuss some of these advantages and how they can help beginner, intermediate and even advanced gamblers, you must always make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right online casino in SA.

Testing out the right Online Casino
This is the most important thing for all the gamblers when it comes to choosing a new online casino, that they can enjoy along with benefits. Play-Free-Casino allows gamblers to test out the site, with its free games, free bonus and the gambling software that they use. This gives gamblers a good sense for what they’ll be expecting and simply create an account with a username and password. Testing out has been made simply easy over the past 5 years. We understand that gamblers have their own unique preferences when it comes to tasting out online casinos. So don’t hesitate to try them all out.

Testing out the Offers
Testing out the site gives you a preview of what to expect, Experience the full service that Online Casino SA offers for their Gamblers. Play-Free-Casino has a virtual credits which you can use to test games, and enjoy an wonderful experience and catch up on the right online casino. Ensure to check up on all of our social media side of the site this can be valuable for you as a gambler to learn more news check out our articles.

Knowing New Tips and Tricks
Even veteran gamblers constantly learning new tips and tricks that they can enjoy and sharing with other gamblers. Therefore, this becoming an evolving online community in South Africa, this can also fast-track you to learning about the best tips and tricks for a more enjoyable online casino experience in South Africa gambling.
Enjoy the experience of Online Casino SA and its free games that are fantastic and reputable. There is also many more useful resources for you on Online Casino SA.

Play Free casino games now! Not real money so play as much as you would like.

888 Casino Has Increases There Welcome Bonus For First Time Gamblers

Online Casinos SA offers a bonus for new players. They will get a special bonuses as part of their welcome bonus and a thank you for registering an accounts with the online gambling domain.  Several online casinos give you a welcome bonuses that is 100 percent, this doubles the initial deposit for a double amount.

One of the most know online gambling destinations is 888 Casino, is recognized as the largest online casino gaming sites on the web.  888 is known worldwide for its rewarding casino bonus rewards, plus widely ranged welcome bonus they offer.888

888 Casino welcome bonuses are becoming more rewarding for any new players who register a personal accounts with 888 Casino.  All  the welcome bonuses will match the initial deposits buck for buck, up to the maximum of $200 for all the new players who register a personal accounts.

There are no limitations as to how gamblers can use their welcome bonus package.  The welcome bonus money they get cab be used on any 888 Casino games, this includes the, video poker, slots, blackjack, roulette, sports betting, plus many more games.

Many different online casino bonuses, which repeatedly require gamblers to input certain promotional codes or have to follow specific links, 888 Casinos welcome bonuses are a simple credit to any players account.  Once a 888 Casino account is registered and plus an initial deposit, the casino will automatically double the deposit up to the maximum of $200 a limit.

No work is required from gamblers, an extra $200 can be available to play through the 888 Casino.  This increased welcome bonus is part of 888’s obligation to provide gamblers with an exciting rewarding online gaming experience that makes you feel valued.


Online Casinos VS. Land Based Casinos

Gambling has been enjoyed for centuries by a lot of people all over the world. Land-based casinos have been a places of entertainment for many decades all over the world; nonetheless the launching of online casinos have changed the face of gambling over the past fifteen year’s.  

Advantages of Gambling at Land-Based Casinos

Land-based casinos offer a thrill of excitement that cannot be imitated by any online casinos. Its a social option for those who are looking to go out with friends and family. Land-based casinos offer a strong gambling environment for anyone who is looking to try-out their gambling skills. The lights, music, free drinks and hundreds of gambling tables. The machines provide a unique atmosphere that you will remember for the rest of your life.


Benefits Of Online Casinos

Despite the benefits of live gambling, since the introduction of the first online casinos in the 1990s, online gambling has progressed to grow in popularity. Gamblers are now able to enjoy their favourite online casino games from the luxury of their own homes without the need to tour to the best land based casinos in the world or to pay for accommodation. Gamblers are no longer Strained by opening hours of a land-based casino, and can gamble at any time of the day or night. You and other  players enjoy the games with gathering with other players from around the world.

Free Online Poker

A lot of online casinos give hundreds and different games to choose from, their gamblers  love different games along with different winnings. With all of this wide range of  game options, there will always  be something for all types of gamblers. Plus many online casinos have regular tournaments that deals with a range of prizes that can be enjoyed by all gamblers.

Online casinos have a number of gaming options that’s made for all gamblers, and is particularly useful for new gamblers. Gamblers can get access to informative information, articles tutorials and, a wide-ranging of gaming rules. Gamblers can choose to play for free using the fun mode of the casino that allows you to learn the rules of the game and practice the game  you are playing at no risk to your (real-money) bankroll. Gamblers can take their time when playing an online casino game without pressure from the other gamblers to increase or maintain the state of the game.

All the Online Casinos offer bonuses and promotions to attract new players to their site and they will keep the existing players with VIP membership so that they don’t leaving. Bonuses can give you a sizable boost to your (real-money) bankroll this will keep you playing for long, giving you ample chances to win the jackpot.

Although online casinos cannot equate to the real electric atmosphere of land-based casinos, Online Casinos increasingly have a chat facilities and live dealer games that have a social atmosphere along with the extra benefits of online gaming.

High-Rollers Online Casinos

High-Rollers-Online-CasinosWe welcome all high rollers to Online Casino SA.  If you are a high stakes games we will be on the look-out for you and you can enjoy a high-rollers games, here at Online Casino SA.

The good news is that there are many South African online casinos that cater for high stake gamblers. Online casinos want to attract high rollers offering a number of various benefits for those gamblers and with competition as brutal as it is between online casinos, these benefits can be widely ranging from weekly or monthly bonuses,  high roller welcome bonuses, impressive VIP program benefits and high stake games.

Any High roller casino bonuses is for special incentive for large deposit gamblers. The online casino bonus is quite worthwhile and can occasionally exceed R50,000 and often arise in a form of a 50% bonus. This means that when you deposit three thousand South African Rand, you would get an additional one thousand Rand to gamble with.

Here is a list of all our High-Rollers Online Casinos.

Logo Brand Currencies Bonus Amount Review Go To Site
Tropez Casino Casino Tropez ZAR $ € ₤ R30,000 Review Go
888-casino 888 Casino ZAR R12,000 Review Go
springbok-casino Springbok Casino ZAR R11,500 Review Go
Crown Europe casino SilverSands Casino ZAR $ ₤ R8,888 Review Go
Winner Casino Winner Casino ZAR $ € R7,500 Review Go ZAR $ € ₤ AUD R26,000 Review Go
Dendera Casino Dendera Casino ZAR $ € ₤ R6,600 Review Go
Omni Casino Omni Casino ZAR $ € ₤ R1,400 Review Go
Golden Palace Golden Palace ZAR $ € ₤ AU R2000 Review Go

Online Casino SA does all the hard work for you by finding all the best high-roller casino bonuses out there on the internet. Online Casino SA will look for all the exclusive special deals for you to play on. High-roller casino bonuses works well for online gamblers casino slot games, as you will often see a very high online casino bonuses.

Online Casino SA has a range of online casino bonuses, have in mind that you can also clear these online casino bonus promotions in more than a few different ways. There is a high-roller casino bonus for everyone, no matter what online casino game you choose to play!



Most online casinos offer a large welcome bonuses for high rollers.  It’s a lot  higher than the regular welcome bonuses. High-rollers welcome bonuses is so high because they are big spenders. High-rollers bonuses work works the same way as a standard welcome bonuses, they are only given to gamblers that make a minimum deposit. Gamblers that are qualified will be given the bonus on their first deposit into their online casino account. They will need to accomplish the requirements of the bonus before they can withdraw their winnings.



The VIP programmes, or The loyalty programmes is the way for online casinos, rewarding the loyal players. These programmes give points, which are awarded every time a gambler places real-money to bet. Points can be collected and redeemed for casino cash. The more you place a bet, the more points you get to earn, making this is a common feature of high roller online casinos. Plus high roller online casinos offer  a multi-tiered VIP programmes. You can play your way up the loyalty ladder. The number of points you earn makes you climb the programme. The benefits of the high roller online casinos gives you bonuses and promotions, gifts, higher comp point, conversion rates, exclusive events and tournament, higher table limits, faster withdrawal rate, personal account supervisors and more.



Most online casinos offer casino games with a range of different stakes that are available. They appeal to and make the games available for gamblers with all the kinds of bankrolls. Penny gamblers can enjoy playing games at the lowest bet, while high rollers play high betting  games. High roller online casinos players are focused on high pay-out.  Online Casino SA offer a larger variety of high stakes games for all the players to enjoy.



Better banking is available via the loyalty programme. The High roller gambler who climb to the top of the loyalty ladder will gain access to higher deposit limits, including  a faster withdrawal rates. Upgraded banking with higher limits is an attractive addition to an online casino.



Gamblers  are defined as high rollers because of the size of the deposits, they make into their account and the size of the bet that they place. Sufficient players earn some multiple rewards at high roller online casinos, mainly those with high roller welcome bonuses. Being a frequent gambler will warrant you to remain a high roller and continue to earn the benefits of the loyalty program. Most gamblers grant automatic admission to the high roller tier of the loyalty program once a positive deposit has been made.

Free Online Casino Gaming

Online Casino Gaming has in recent times gained popularity due to technological advances and developments within the online gaming industry. With so many online casino sites to choose from, it is important for you to make a careful selection based on several critical factors.  Consider the software platform that powers the online casino, choose a reputable software provider such as Cryptologic, Microgaming and Playtech .Such renowned software companies offer an extensive selection of games with superior graphics, advanced animation and sound effects, high payouts and attractive bonus offers which combine to create an ideal Online Casino Gaming experience. Pay particular attention to safety and security measures, licensing and regulatory compliance, customer service support and banking options which allow you to enjoy Online Casino Gaming with peace of mind.Online Casino Gaming

Most Online Casinos offer Free Online Casino Gaming where you can play free casino games without risking your own funds.  There are a wide variety of online casino games which you can play in free play mode, such as Roulette, Blackjack , Caribbean Poker, Slots, Baccarat, Video Poker games and many more.  Free Online Casino Gaming is a great way for you to sharpen your gaming skills and learn to apply the basic game strategy that will increase your odds when you start to play for real money. Take advantage of the online casino bonuses available to new players who sign up and many other ongoing weekly and monthly promotions and bonus offers. These bonus offers can make your Free Online Casino Gaming experience a very rewarding one.

It is advisable for you to read some gaming reviews before you start playing free casino games. These reviews offer basic instructions and useful tips and strategies on how to play the games in a way that lowers the house edge and increases your chances of winning. For the best Online Casino Gaming experience, refer to resources such as free Online Casino guidelines which are presented in a user-friendly format that is easy to understand. Here you will find comprehensive information on thespecial features that certain games offer such as bonus rounds, themes and progressive jackpots for instance. Free Online Casino Gaming is an ideal way to help you gain an appreciation of the different online casino games and their variations and to select a game that best suits your gaming interests and level of skill.