Online Casino Legality In South Africa

South African supreme court has ruled against Pigg’s Peak Casino in 2012, a few international casino operators still keep on marketing their services to gamblers that want to gamble in South African rands. At the same time there is a disagreement – lawfully flawed fact, that these online casinos aim to provide for non-South African residents who fall under an another jurisdiction, fact is that the transactions taking place using South African currency (and most probably go through the South African economic system) make them suspect.Online Casino South Africa

The biggest challenge in monitoring and controlling illegal online casino activity both in South Africa and overseas, is law enforcement and national significance. Upcoming developing countries usually face barrage of social matters plus violent crime, rape and entrenched fraud, corruption. South Africa is no exception to this, in fact with recent news where talking about crime in South Africa. It’s easy to gather prosecution when coming to the online gambling space. Although the legal threat exists, there is yet to be an acknowledged case against South African gamblers themselves.

The funny is that South Africans gamblers find themselves hooked to land-based casinos in the country, mainly because of the supposed safety and alternative entertainment opportunities they can take part in, there is a relatively secure location. Subsequently these casinos are accurately regulated and licensed by the state, gamblers are risk free from litigation and their winnings may be taken to their local bank accounts without any issue. The accessibility of gambling online for real money is tempting for many South African gamblers, even though the risks are often perceived not to have any credibility.

Nothings like markets in India, with similar legislative challenges, the South African online casino companies is actually profitable, one for the online gaming operators themselves. Beside Australians, South Africans present some of the highest values online gambling players in the world. Even funding online casino accounts can sometimes be a challenging when using South African credit cards or bank accounts, there is no shortage when coming to e-wallet type options like Money-Bookers and NE-Teller that are easily available for local gamblers.

With a few obstacles, high value gambling customers and a moderately low risk of prosecution, international online gaming workers are unlikely to stop targeting the online casino South Africa market. South African government were wise, they would be best off activating and enforcing online gambling regulation as soon as possible. Not only will it help to control the online gambling and sports betting industry, but this will help generate significant tax revenue from licensing fees, online casino and personal gamblers taxation on winnings. Until then, South African gambler will likely continue to flout the gambling law on the host of choices they have accessible to them.

Shutting down of Piggs Peak to South African gamblers, here is a sample of the more well-established international online casinos that provide for online gambling in Rands that have happily taken on the local market demand:

Logo Brand Currencies Bonus Amount Review Go To Site
Tropez Casino Casino Tropez ZAR $ € ₤ R30,000 Review Go
888-casino 888 Casino ZAR R12,000 Review Go
springbok-casino Springbok Casino ZAR R11,500 Review Go
Crown Europe casino SilverSands Casino ZAR $ ₤ R8,888 Review Go
Winner Casino Winner Casino ZAR $ € R7,500 Review Go ZAR $ € ₤ AUD R26,000 Review Go
Dendera Casino Dendera Casino ZAR $ € ₤ R6,600 Review Go
Omni Casino Omni Casino ZAR $ € ₤ R1,400 Review Go
Golden Palace Golden Palace ZAR $ € ₤ AU R2000 Review Go

If anyone has doubt that this is just a small online casino group, you can check out a more comprehensive directory of Online Casino SA to see the full extent of what is available. Obviously the demand is there and is being amply met – the South African government had better get a move on with formal regulation with respect to making online casinos in South Africa legal and taxable… there is tons of money on the table for them.

South Africa Online Casino FAQ

You cannot really call South Africa the most gambling-friendly country in the world. Actually, things are not great for Internet gamblers, things are not great at all. The good news is that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, South African online casino gamblers may have some respectable lawful options. Read on for the answers to the most frequently asked real money online gaming questions, just find out exactly what’s going on.

Is online casino gambling illegal in South Africa?illegal-online-gambling

At this point, it is not strictly legal to play online casinos as a South African. The South African laws permit certain kinds of digital betting (such as sports betting from licensed operators) but are somewhat prohibitive on other forms of Internet gambling.

What laws are relate to online gambling in ZA?

The main part of legislation in The National Gambling Act 2004. It puts the online gambling ban in place. With the influence of the controversial 2010 North Gauteng High Court judgment, the law has attempted to block gamblers. Note that The National Gambling Amendment Act of 2008 was aimed to make things legal again, and it’s still on the discussion table, the government plans to make gambling effortless and legal.

Do I have to pay taxes on my online gambling winnings?

South Africa is currently in discussion regarding legalizing gambling, this is basically a grey area, the tax situation really doesn’t come into play.

Can I easily make deposits and withdrawals from gambling websites?

Yes, you can. Banks are actually held accountable for criminally processing from any online casino payments, you’ll find many traditional paths will block payments to and from casino sites. If you choose to play anyway, you’ll perhaps rely upon third-party payment options, mainly eWallet services.

Must I play for real money?

No you do not have to, in fact, that’s not even a legal option. Playing for free, is absolutely a valid choice for gamblers in South Africa. This is the best way to try out the top ZA casino online sites listed here on Online Casino SA this will help sharpen up your skills.

Can I play casino games on my phone?

Yes. Playing free online casino games does not mean that you cannot take advantage of all of the technical chances that your mobile has. The top casino websites listed here on Online Casino SA have already put the time and money into developing online casino software for mobile devices and South Africans, you are welcome to try it out. You have the option to play on your cell phone or your tablet. If you have an internet connection you can try this latest development in the world of online gambling.