Online gambling dos and don’ts

Online gambling can be a lot of fun for those who love to gamble, and it has become increasingly popular in South Africa in recent times. Being able to sit behind your computer saves you the effort of driving to a casino, and you still reap all the benefits of one. However, one needs to be careful when gambling online and there are certain tips which everyone should know about. Read on for some tips on the dos and don’ts of online gambling.

Start out with virtual money:

Most online casinos offer players the opportunity to start out with virtual money so that they can get to know the rules for the games and get a feel for how things work without losing any of their own money. It is a good idea to do this before progressing onto gambling with real money.

Take regular breaks:

When gambling online, it is easy to lose track of time as one can get very caught up. It is important to take regular breaks in order to get your brain to recharge. Take a break every 20-30 minutes or so and avoid playing for hours on end as this is not healthy. If you like, set an alarm to remind you to take these breaks.

Don’t drink alcohol while gambling:

We all know that when under the influence of alcohol, one is not able to make rational and clear decisions. It is therefore not a good idea to drink while you gamble online as you need to be able to think clearly. Otherwise, you may wake up the next morning and realize that you have lost a lot of money or played with a lot more money than your budget allows. Alcohol may also affect your gambling skills, which can also result in you losing money!

Accept a loss:

Of course it can be very discouraging when losing at an online casino game, but it is important to be able to accept any losses which may occur and move on. Some people have better luck than others, so keep this in mind and try not to take gambling too seriously. Play within your budget so that if you do lose, it won’t affect your wallet too severely. Gambling should be seen as a fun pastime which won’t ruin your life.

Learn strategies:

Last but not least, do not play decision-based games unless you are clear on how the strategies work. Games like Blackjack and Poker are good examples of this. Make sure that you are familiar with rules and strategies before you go spending your money.

We hope that these dos and don’t have helped you along your online gambling journey!

Beginner’s Guide to successful gambling

We are confident, you’ve heard a lot about online gambling – maybe you have a family member, colleague or friend who gambles regularly, and you thought about it. But then again where do you Start? A quick scan through search engines like Google will disclose that there are exactly thousands of online casinos to select from. The total number of online casinos can bring daunting.

Online Casino SA is going to present this as Q&A from top questions, we get requested by first time gamblers.


Q: How do I choose the best online casino?

A: Begin by searching for the kind of games you like to play online. There is a lot of different kinds of online games out there, and one that focuses on poker tournaments is perhaps not going to be the greatest  game for you as a beginner.

Other great things to consider when picking a online game is to play a free game that includes, a license and is regulated. Is it checked for fairness? Does the site have the games I want to play? Does it have easy to deposit  menus for money into the online casino? Will it be as easy to ways to cash out again? Can I gamble in my own currency or will I have to work with Forex?

Some advice, always do your research. Find yourself a trustworthy online casino site from your part of the world, such as, and read the review and articles on what other gamblers have said about your selected online casino.


Q: Is gambling online safe?

A: Yes, but having that said, delightfully exercise a certain number of sense. If something sounds too good to be true, it maybe is true. So, pick a online casino that is certified, and if that’s so, look for one that has some kind of oversight.

Internationally, there are a small number of organisations groups that enforce consumer rights at online casinos – companies like Technical Systems Testing that make sure that the games that are offer are fair, and can sometimes offer facilitation services if you have a problem.

If your online casino game is certificated from one of these organisations, this is a good pointer that it’s totally above board.


Q: How do I buy-in my online casino account?

A great deal of online casinos will happily accept deposits from a credit card. A few of the major international online casinos are going to the South African marketplaces and even have a South African currency deposits in Rands.

If you don’t want to use a credit card, or you don’t have a credit card for online gambling, you can look at an e-wallet solution. There are a number of them available, but you’ll need to pick one that your online casino accepts. Most online casinos are happy to accept business from South Africans.

Select a money solution that you can transfer money into and out of it, and use it to fund your online casino account and to receive winnings into a normal savings account in South Africa.

Online Casinos VS. Land Based Casinos

Gambling has been enjoyed for centuries by a lot of people all over the world. Land-based casinos have been a places of entertainment for many decades all over the world; nonetheless the launching of online casinos have changed the face of gambling over the past fifteen year’s.  

Advantages of Gambling at Land-Based Casinos

Land-based casinos offer a thrill of excitement that cannot be imitated by any online casinos. Its a social option for those who are looking to go out with friends and family. Land-based casinos offer a strong gambling environment for anyone who is looking to try-out their gambling skills. The lights, music, free drinks and hundreds of gambling tables. The machines provide a unique atmosphere that you will remember for the rest of your life.


Benefits Of Online Casinos

Despite the benefits of live gambling, since the introduction of the first online casinos in the 1990s, online gambling has progressed to grow in popularity. Gamblers are now able to enjoy their favourite online casino games from the luxury of their own homes without the need to tour to the best land based casinos in the world or to pay for accommodation. Gamblers are no longer Strained by opening hours of a land-based casino, and can gamble at any time of the day or night. You and other  players enjoy the games with gathering with other players from around the world.

Free Online Poker

A lot of online casinos give hundreds and different games to choose from, their gamblers  love different games along with different winnings. With all of this wide range of  game options, there will always  be something for all types of gamblers. Plus many online casinos have regular tournaments that deals with a range of prizes that can be enjoyed by all gamblers.

Online casinos have a number of gaming options that’s made for all gamblers, and is particularly useful for new gamblers. Gamblers can get access to informative information, articles tutorials and, a wide-ranging of gaming rules. Gamblers can choose to play for free using the fun mode of the casino that allows you to learn the rules of the game and practice the game  you are playing at no risk to your (real-money) bankroll. Gamblers can take their time when playing an online casino game without pressure from the other gamblers to increase or maintain the state of the game.

All the Online Casinos offer bonuses and promotions to attract new players to their site and they will keep the existing players with VIP membership so that they don’t leaving. Bonuses can give you a sizable boost to your (real-money) bankroll this will keep you playing for long, giving you ample chances to win the jackpot.

Although online casinos cannot equate to the real electric atmosphere of land-based casinos, Online Casinos increasingly have a chat facilities and live dealer games that have a social atmosphere along with the extra benefits of online gaming.

High-Rollers Online Casinos

High-Rollers-Online-CasinosWe welcome all high rollers to Online Casino SA.  If you are a high stakes games we will be on the look-out for you and you can enjoy a high-rollers games, here at Online Casino SA.

The good news is that there are many South African online casinos that cater for high stake gamblers. Online casinos want to attract high rollers offering a number of various benefits for those gamblers and with competition as brutal as it is between online casinos, these benefits can be widely ranging from weekly or monthly bonuses,  high roller welcome bonuses, impressive VIP program benefits and high stake games.

Any High roller casino bonuses is for special incentive for large deposit gamblers. The online casino bonus is quite worthwhile and can occasionally exceed R50,000 and often arise in a form of a 50% bonus. This means that when you deposit three thousand South African Rand, you would get an additional one thousand Rand to gamble with.

Here is a list of all our High-Rollers Online Casinos.

Logo Brand Currencies Bonus Amount Review Go To Site
Tropez Casino Casino Tropez ZAR $ € ₤ R30,000 Review Go
888-casino 888 Casino ZAR R12,000 Review Go
springbok-casino Springbok Casino ZAR R11,500 Review Go
Crown Europe casino SilverSands Casino ZAR $ ₤ R8,888 Review Go
Winner Casino Winner Casino ZAR $ € R7,500 Review Go ZAR $ € ₤ AUD R26,000 Review Go
Dendera Casino Dendera Casino ZAR $ € ₤ R6,600 Review Go
Omni Casino Omni Casino ZAR $ € ₤ R1,400 Review Go
Golden Palace Golden Palace ZAR $ € ₤ AU R2000 Review Go

Online Casino SA does all the hard work for you by finding all the best high-roller casino bonuses out there on the internet. Online Casino SA will look for all the exclusive special deals for you to play on. High-roller casino bonuses works well for online gamblers casino slot games, as you will often see a very high online casino bonuses.

Online Casino SA has a range of online casino bonuses, have in mind that you can also clear these online casino bonus promotions in more than a few different ways. There is a high-roller casino bonus for everyone, no matter what online casino game you choose to play!



Most online casinos offer a large welcome bonuses for high rollers.  It’s a lot  higher than the regular welcome bonuses. High-rollers welcome bonuses is so high because they are big spenders. High-rollers bonuses work works the same way as a standard welcome bonuses, they are only given to gamblers that make a minimum deposit. Gamblers that are qualified will be given the bonus on their first deposit into their online casino account. They will need to accomplish the requirements of the bonus before they can withdraw their winnings.



The VIP programmes, or The loyalty programmes is the way for online casinos, rewarding the loyal players. These programmes give points, which are awarded every time a gambler places real-money to bet. Points can be collected and redeemed for casino cash. The more you place a bet, the more points you get to earn, making this is a common feature of high roller online casinos. Plus high roller online casinos offer  a multi-tiered VIP programmes. You can play your way up the loyalty ladder. The number of points you earn makes you climb the programme. The benefits of the high roller online casinos gives you bonuses and promotions, gifts, higher comp point, conversion rates, exclusive events and tournament, higher table limits, faster withdrawal rate, personal account supervisors and more.



Most online casinos offer casino games with a range of different stakes that are available. They appeal to and make the games available for gamblers with all the kinds of bankrolls. Penny gamblers can enjoy playing games at the lowest bet, while high rollers play high betting  games. High roller online casinos players are focused on high pay-out.  Online Casino SA offer a larger variety of high stakes games for all the players to enjoy.



Better banking is available via the loyalty programme. The High roller gambler who climb to the top of the loyalty ladder will gain access to higher deposit limits, including  a faster withdrawal rates. Upgraded banking with higher limits is an attractive addition to an online casino.



Gamblers  are defined as high rollers because of the size of the deposits, they make into their account and the size of the bet that they place. Sufficient players earn some multiple rewards at high roller online casinos, mainly those with high roller welcome bonuses. Being a frequent gambler will warrant you to remain a high roller and continue to earn the benefits of the loyalty program. Most gamblers grant automatic admission to the high roller tier of the loyalty program once a positive deposit has been made.

Rolling The Dice – Online Casino Games

The term online casino games is self-explanatory. It’s gambling like you do in casino’s but you do it online instead.

Online casinos are divided into 2 types: Downloaded version and web based version.

Web based casinos entail one gambling online, but without downloading the programme on to their PC, whereas downloaded version entail downloading the software client on to your PC, and this is the only way that one can successfully participate in the games.


There are advantages and disadvantages to online casino games:

Bingo is one of the most popular online casino games as bingo is a game of chance. Each member is issued with numbers that they have not chosen, the player then ticks or marks the numbers that he has against the numbers that are going to be given to him randomly.  The player wins the Bingo game when he completes a line or a lot of lines more quickly than the other players.

Online Casino Games

Online Roulette is another online casino game, and the advantage to online roulette is that it gives you much lower betting limits than live roulette.  You just pick a number from 0-37 in this game, make a bet and let the wheel spin, your chances of winning are pretty good online as you have cross your fingers that the ball falls on your numbers, but you can’t place any more bets until the ball has landed on the designated number.

The advantages of playing online casino games is that with the growth of technology one can sit at home and play their favourite casino games without the inconvenience of actually visiting a casino.  The other advantage enjoyed by most online casino players is that you win more with online casino games, much more than you would visiting a casino.  This is because the best Online casinos do not have to worry about over heard as land casinos do, so that is why they pay their players higher dividends.

Whether it’s the Roulette, poker, black jack or even the national lottery, next time you get the urge to gamble, just visit your favourite online casino games website.