South Africa may finally legalese online casino gambling

Free Online PokerSouth Africa NGB May Legalize Online Gambling Soon. Online gambling is not legal in South Africa at this stage, a new bill could change all of that within the the year or next. A draft of the Remote Gambling Bill of 2014 was recently published for the public’s scrutiny in South Africa’s Government Journals. Bill sponsor and Democratic Alliance Parliament member Geordin Hill-Lewis says that legalization of online gambling is at a point of possibility but not a guarantee. It could take time nine months or more for the bill to be processed by the necessary public and private committees. At the end,  online gambling in South Africa may or may not become legal.

South African lawmakers are under pressure from the commercial interests who are against the explosion of unregulated gaming websites. Similar to the voices of internet gambling proponents in the U.S consumer protection and taxation have also been quoted as reasons to consider approving the bylaw of Internet wagering.

This has been eight years overdue now and South Africa has fallen behind international standards, said Wayne Lurie the director of a South African law firm that specializes in gaming.


Outlook History of Online Gambling in South Africa

The South Africa Gambling Act of 1965 prohibited all forms of betting except horse racing, they regarded it more as a sport than a car for betting. The Bantustans saw an rebellion of casinos in the 1970s, this was a geographical exclusion to the rule due to the exceptional circumstances of apartheid, a nonoperational system of black/white segregation in South Africa. Live gambling eventually became legal in South Africa in 1996. In the 2000s, the government was raking in revenue from its brick-and-mortar casinos to the amount of 1.5 billion in ZAR.

South Africans to day enjoys live casino games, lottery, and other electronic bingo terminals. Online gaming almost came to fruition when The National Gambling Amendment Act of 2008 announced that online betting to be legal for the South African region. Before the online gaming industry could embrace the alter, however, the Gauteng Gambling Board cancelled it in 2010. The industry, in spirit, took two steps forward and immediately took two steps back.

South Africans who gamble on online casinos may face possible fines and time in jail. With that many citizens ignore the threat of punishment and chase online games anyway. Now the Remote Gambling Bill is on display for all to see and evaluate, certain South Africans might be even less likely to fear the consequences of illegal online gaming. With this bylaw, we can look at satisfy consumer demand and offer our customers a full suite of gambling products in a safe and secure online environment, that abides to the local regulatory controls and consumer protections.


South Africa Grasping to Catch Up With the Rest of the World

In Australia, the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 permits citizens to gamble remotely. In Sweden natives may bet online according to Svenska Spel’s rules, although they may not gamble outside of their country’s virtual gambling borders. Cyber bettors in the UK appreciate sports betting, online poker, and other online casino games with other online sites that are affiliated with its White List. The US, three states have legalized internet gaming, and authorities agree it’s just a matter of time before other states follow suit. Advocates of legalized remote gaming in South Africa point out that much of the rest of the world has already approved of the activity



South Africa’s Cyber Online Casino Gambling

The key to find the best online casino in South Africa is in knowing how to identify them.  Knowing what you want in a casino is key to finding the right one, one that will suit you best and serve you well, remembering that quality and winnings are also very important when gambling in online casino in South Africa. Online Casino in South Africa

The first and probably the safest step when choosing an Online Casino in South Africa , is that you must choose a licensed casino.  All South African casinos irrespective whether it’s land or online casinos HAVE to have a license to gamble.  They operate under the rules and regulations of the gambling jurisdiction that governs their licensing terms.

Next one would look at the type of gambling games that the casino offers, like black jack, roulette and poker are ones which are most commonly known. The next step in choosing a online casino in South African  is to look at their Welcome bonuses.  Very important to remember is that the bigger the Welcome bonus, the better and the more reputable the casino is.

Anyone who has ever gambled knows how exciting it is to take a chance of winning cash and prizes alike, and that’s no different to South Africans who now use technology to indulge in this part time exciting activity. Unfortunately as it stands right now, it is illegal to gamble in online casino in South Africa.  This decision was taken by the South African North high court which ruled that the act of gambling must take place on the user’s computer, and not on the online gambling site itself.

The Supreme Court of appeal upheld this decision, and effectively put an end to online casino gambling in South African. As it stands right now in 2012, any online casino in South Africa that takes bets from online users, and actually pays out the winnings could face a R10 million rand in fine or 3 years imprisonment or both. This means that all South Africa’s online casinos are there for practice purposes only, and not to actually gamble, so be careful not to get caught, hopefully one day online casino in South Africa will be legal again.

Online Gambling Casino – Gambling in PJ’s: A reality

Online gambling casino or “igambling” casinos are a way or method where people can enjoy a casino experience from the comfort of their own home. It’s a casino that offers the gambling enjoyment through a computer and the internet.

Online Gambling Casino

There is literally no difference in the types of games that online gambling casino offer when compared to the usual concrete and brick casinos. The online gambling casino like a casino as offers roulette, blackjack, poker, bingo and many others that a person can enjoy.

Online gambling casino is designed for optimal enjoyment, and are favourites among those who don’t like crowds or just want some great recreation without having to leave the house. freeOnline gambling casinos also allow an avenue where people don’t have to get all dressed up to enjoy the fun or even be bothered by other people while trying to enjoy the gambling experience and possible win some great cash.

Online gambling casino allow you to choose who you would like to be and so you are able to create this gambling persona and interact with other gamblers and their personas. Thus way if you are a total klutz in the brick casinos, in the online casinos you could be the perfect high-roller with the looks and personality to boot.

With petrol prices rising and the cost of entertainment on the increase, why would you want to put your pocket through inordinate strain when you can just cast a play of the die or bet in a round of Poker all in your comfortable pyjamas in front of your computer? With online gambling casino’s you are able to do just that!