Respect your Poker hand and your bankroll

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When your gambling (poker) career progresses and your bankroll investment grows, you will slowly move up your limit after limit. By way of reaching the higher limits cash becomes less and less essential in your gambling career. You will get to a point where you start thinking about big screens rather than dollars (cash).best poker games

I remember the day when I started playing free online poker games on Online Casino SA then actually downloading a poker game and depositing real money and gamble for the first time; I would drive past the car dealership looking at the prices of new sports cars thinking, “which idiot would pay $9 000 to have that sports car rather than a used sports car for $1500 or less?” I now go to the same sports car dealership every 3 weeks in my new sports car that’s worth twice the value of $9 000 and even give other prospect advice on the value and worth of other sports cars.

I’ve been known to move around with large sums of cash as if its normal to carry a hundred thousand’s in my bag. When my friends and family start to notice the kind of cash I pull out when I have to pay for something, they start to go mad. It’s no big deal to me to go around carrying a few thousand, but to them, it’s a big deal to have that kind of cash. They feel I’m irresponsible for bringing out that cash in case I get robbed or I lose it but to be honest, it wouldn’t be a big deal knowing the amount of cash I have in the safe that does not bother me much. Some bad session of online poker would lose me quite a lot of cash, to them it would completely ruin their lives if they were to lose that much cash at a stupid game like online poker.

An online poker pro can lose a huge amount of cash in one or two session that a regular gambler earns in several months or even a year of working, if you watch a few hands of poker, you will see gamblers such as Gus Hansen losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in just one hand.

Most of the professional poker players are the ones who changed the mind-set of losing money, not the other way round. Not many gamblers can think above money and not focus on the bankroll its self, Professional poker players do it remember when you first started poker, how you thought about cash. You may somehow still feel the same way about it but there is no doubt, once you begin playing high stakes that vision of cash goes straight away. There are only so many times you can get thrilled about winning a couple of thousand dollars in a couple of minutes before it becomes second nature, it’s the same as losing that big amount of cash.

That is why  professional poker players need to respect the right amount of cash, otherwise it just becomes less important and your poker hand suffers as you have no encouragement to gamble, as your bankroll becomes meaningless to your professional poker career.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]