Online Scratch Cards

There is a wide selection of online scratch cards available for you to play on the Internet. This means that anyone above the age of 18 years now has access to a whole world of scratch card opportunities without being limited to the traditional type of available in the local stores. There are many different varieties of online scratch cards which include classic games, casino scratch card games, slots games, sports and fantasy. All the different types of scratch card games offer unique features and a different approach to online scratch card gaming.

Sports fans can swing into action with games like road racing, goal kick and darts. Some of the sports games are very similar to ordinary physical scratch cards where by the players simply have to scratch off a number of spaces and see if a win has been achieved. Players who enjoy fantasy-themed scratch cards can play games such as Esmerelda and Knights Battle where your imagination may be the only limiting factor. The casino scratch games include roulette and lucky 21 which gives you the chance to enjoy the full casino experience in a scratch cards environment.  In the online slots scratch games category, players can spin the reels in Monte Carlo and Monaco Glamour and win some great prizes.

Technology has transformed the nature of online scratch card games and taken them to a whole new level. Disco Keno for instance combines the classic game of keno which originated in ancient China more than 2000 years ago with a modern and new twist which brings a multitude of winning possibilities. Disco Keno makes use of a total of 80 numbers; it selects 20 numbers at random allowing players to match these numbers to their own 15 box keno card. The more numbers you match, the more you can win. If all 15 numbers on your numbers on your Keno scratch card game are pulled from the keno machine, you can win up to 15 times your bet amount.

Most online scratch games come with a theme such as the Treasure Island scratch game based on an adventurous theme for the search of hidden treasure on an island.  The Treasure Island scratch game presents players with the opportunity to open each one of the four treasure chests. If you are lucky enough to uncover gold in three or more of the treasure chests the prize displayed at the centre of the screen will be yours to claim. Online scratch games are very easy and quick to use with the option to activate the auto play feature which can select up to 300 games in a row.