Poker Etiquette

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Poker is a game that requires you to follow some basic etiquette, whether you are playing the game at home or in an online casino. Good Poker Etiquette helps to ensure that everyone enjoys the game in a friendly and civil environment and this may also greatly improve a player’s poker game.

i) Do Not Play Out of Turn

Players must always wait their turn to raise the pot or to fold hands and avoid jumping the gun or getting too excited when holding a good hand. This can only serve to expose your information to other players and may work to your detriment.

ii) Avoid Discussing the Status of Your Cards

Avoid chatting to other players about your cards or intentions because this can give them some information that they may use to their advantage.

iii) Don’t Show Your Cards (Until the Showdown

Once you have folded, you must avoid flipping or flashing over your cards because this may give out some information that may change the way in which the rest of the hand plays out. Cards should only be exposed when you are heading up, all-in or during the showdown.

iv) Avoid Splashing the Pot

When a player tosses his bet in a huge mess right in the middle of the pot, this is referred to as splashing the pot. This betting habit makes it extremely difficult to account for how much you have a bet. It is advisable for players to stack their chips in a neat pile in order to keep a good record of how much they have a bet.

v) Do Not Make String Bets

Avoid making string bets, you can not declare a raise and place the chips into the pot in multi-stages.

vi) Don’t Be Rude or Mean

Players must always be courteous and polite even when facing a very bad losing streak. Being rude and mean to other players or the dealer will win you neither pots nor friends.

vii) Play Familiar Games

It is important to learn the rules of the game you want to play before going into the poker room. This can be very frustrating for other players.

viii) Keep a Cool Head

Be as much a professional winner as a professional player. If you happen to win a hand before the showdown and you want to show cards, turn your cards up for the whole table to see what you were holding. Even though it’s no fun to lose, be a good loser and live it with a smile. Remember it is just a game and you should never take it personally.

ix) Slow rolling is a No-No

When a player waits for a long time before turning up his winning cards he is said to be slow rolling. Slow rolling is unacceptable because it slows down the game and misleads other players into believing that they are holding the best hand until you show them your winning hand.

x) Pay attention to the game.

It is always crucial to pay attention and keep up with the action when you are dealt in a hand. Always keep an eye on your table position and act out of turn. It can be very frustrating for other players if you act out of turn or if you are constantly being reminded to play your turn. In addition, this may influence other players to play the hand in a different manner and can also disrupt the flow of the hand.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]