Blackjack Insurance

In a game of blackjack, the option for insurance is offered to players in a situation where the dealer manages to obtain an Ace as his face-up card.

The idea of blackjack insurance is based on the assumption that the dealer will secure blackjack and players who purchase insurance place an extra bet equal to half the size of their initial bet in the insurance spot on the table. If the dealer secures the blackjack (a ten value card down) the players that purchased insurance will receive twice ora value equal to 2 to 1of their insurance bet.

In real terms this means that you will be winning back your initial bet and the insurance bet and breaking even on the play. However, if the dealer does not secure blackjack the player will forfeit his insurance bet and continues with his regular blackjack hand.

The concept of insurance in a game of blackjack is considered to be one of the casino’s greatest marketing tools.

The casino offers Blackjack Insurance because it offers the casino a huge competitive edge over the player.

Many players will usually feel lucky and choose to insure a good hand in order to avoid a loss if the dealer has blackjack.

Taking blackjack insurance is considered as a bad percentage play unless the player is a card counter who can keep track of the number of 10-value cards that remains to be played.

For experienced players that have mastered the techniques of card counting, taking blackjack insurance can prove to be one of the best play adjustments that one can make from a statistical point of view.