6 types of people you will defiantly see in a casino

Casinos are places where large sums of cash is being won and lost, this is all based on the risk you’re willing to take and all stakes at hand. This is an worldwide Dream in all its glory. With that said is a lot of different places where you can gamble legally in the world, you will mostly see the same kind of people in almost every casino you enter. Starting from the Bellagio in Las Vegas to Harrah’s in New Orleans to the Tropicana in A.C. all the way to Africa the sun citys in South Africa, there are a few of people you’ll probably encounter either at the tables or on your third trip to the ATM.

The drunk guy/girl that how seems to be lost in the casinoben affleck

You will sometimes see a person that is wasted out of their shoes and will be stumbling through the slot machines like someone who has just had a banging  grenade that went off in front of their face. It will be 4:AM and they’ll be mumbling something about losing a boat load of cash playing Keno at the Luxor… “PLEASE will you help me get back to my ROOM!” thosewill be the words you hear. “ I’d critically appreciate it and thank you in advance” Can be the last words.


The rich guy who doesn’t care about losing a lot of cash

At times will be a guy (it could be a female, but usually is not) who just goes into casinos to definitely piss gamblers off. He will through around cash like it’s nothing and will give you a hard time when you hit a rough streak at the craps table. Showing off will be the name of the game. It’s not about the cash to him, it’s about making everyone around him feel miserable and small. He will try and be the Donald Trump of casinos douche bags and like Trump, it’s all “LOOK AT ME!” He wants to be seen and heard cause mommy didn’t pay enough attention to him when he was a child. Where are the bouncers when you really need them?

The big scary bouncer

It’s his shift and he does not want to hear or put up with any of your drunken antics. If you want to sing “More than a Feeling” while spilling beer all over the tables, then you are going to have to do that in your own kitchen at home. He will be the gentleman that is going to help you get there fast, even if he has to drag your drunken ass out to the casino by your ankles. He will not stand for you to throwing-up on your fellow gamblers, passing-out on the roulette wheel, or slapping the table and screaming “MONEY”. You may see him going into the casino all well, but chances are you won’t see him again until it’s too late, unlike a washing machine he does not have a kind cycle.

The Whale

Most gamblers have a better chance of seeing a whale in the wild, they would also see a whale in the casino (unless Steve Wynn opened an water themed hotel). They are big spenders who have their own special tables in the back reserved for people of their own unique economic status. They don’t have the ability to gamble for a few dollars, they need stack and stakes full of chips and a friendly dealer. They really could win or lose millions in just a few minutes of the game, but the perks of large sums of gambling is that they don’t have to sit next to the mortal gamblers, who live or die with every roll of dice. They can play games alone and let it ride on without anyone bothering them or getting in the way of their hot streak of cash.

 The waitress who has seen it all before in the casino

There’s frequently one in almost every casino you go to. The woman that wants nothing more than people ordering drinks and leave her there. Probably cause she’s taken on more than one hit by drunken gamblers, she looks a bit tired and somewhat stressed by the years of smoke filled rooms and years of insufferable drunk gamblers that grabbing her ass now and then. She’s just trying to get through her shift with enough tips to make her rent that month and only wants to know what kind of beer you’d like to drink. Most stories she could tell you would probably run shivers down your spine, but she doesn’t have the time and endurance to make conversation with any one at work. So just tip her and have your drink order ready before you get into an ugly scene with her, that you most likely want no part of.

The old lady playing slots alone

She’ll be in a outfitted of floral shirt and one of those neon eyeshades that say either “Las Vegas” or “Branson, Missouri” on it and will be well-appointed with a fanny pack full of nickels that would put the Dept of Treasury to shame. And she’ll be seated in front of a row full of slot machines and  will carefully feed change into each individual machine and pull the lever over and over, with her little bucket for winnings. Will she come out a winner? Hard to say, but she surely gets her money’s worth in entertainment value and she will get free drinks. I hope she wins that Viper roadster.

Professional gambler turns $50 into $40 Million ‘caught cheating’ in San Diego

His luck may have run out. World-renowned professional poker player Archie Karas, has been arrested on charges of dishonesty and defrauding a casino after authorities say he was caught marking cards at a California blackjack table.

Mr Karas, 62 years of age best known for reputedly building a beginning stake of $50 into a $40 million fortune during a record of three-year winning streak, he was taken into custody at his Las Vegas home, the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office.Archie Karas

Mr Karas will be extradited to San Diego to face a criminal grievance charging him with a burglary, winning by fraudulent means and cheating, said by the DA’s office.

If Mr Karas is convicted, real name Anargyros Karabourniotis he will face a maximum penalty of three years in prison.

‘Mr Karas the defendant’s luck ran short thanks to unforeseen cooperation between several different law enforcement agencies, who operated together to investigate and prosecute this case,’ said county District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis.

According to the prosecutors, Mr Karas was seen by a surveillance cameras while he was marking cards – making tiny smudges of dye secretly wiped onto the backs of jacks, queens, kings and aces – while playing blackjack in July at the Indian-owned Barona Resort and Casino in Lakeside, California.

The marks gave Mr Karas an prejudiced advantage by helping him identify the value of cards before they were dealt as he chose whether to take a card, or hold on to it in an effort to reach the winning value of 21 without going over, the prosecutors reports.

The organized scam worked so well that he managed to cheat the casino more than $8,000 before he was caught, the district attorney’s office spokesperson Steve Walker reports.

A search warrant performed on Karas’s home turned up hollowed-out chips from other casinos, but so far no other gambling establishments have not lodged a complaint against Mr Karas, Gregory reports. But authorities said Mr Karas has been accused of cheating before he was actually caught.

‘The Nevada Gaming Control Board’ has investigated Mr Karas on multiple occasions resulting in four arrests, said Karl Bennison the agency’s enforcement chief said in one of the statements. ‘Karas has been a big threat to the gambling industry in many jurisdictions.’

Mr Karas has set a record for the largest and longest documented winning streak in gambling history from 1992 to 1995, arriving in Las Vegas Nevada with only $50 in his pocket and going on to win amass $40 million from high-stakes poker.

He later lost most of those winnings at baccarat and dice games in three weeks. Mr Karas returned to the poker table many times, and has often cleaned out many gamblers in the world, according to Sexton.

He is deliberated by many to have been the greatest gambler of all times and often has been compared with Nick ‘the Greek’ Dandolos, another high-stakes gambler and high roller who died in 1966 may his soul rest in peace.

Industry experts estimate that casinos nationwide lose tens of millions of dollars a year in various cheating scams.


Top 5 Richest Gamblers in the world

Sheldon Adelson

Sheldon Adelson

Net Worth: $36.5 Billion

Birth Place of Gambler: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Marital Status of Gambler: Married (Miriam Ochsorn)
Nationality of Gambler: United States
Date of Birth or Gambler: August 4, 1933

Americas casino giant magnate, Sheldon Gary Adelson has a net worth of $36.5 billion starting from January 2014. He is currently the 8th wealthiest American and he is the 16th wealthiest person in the whole world, Adelson enormously increased his net worth upon the initial public offering of Las Vegas Sands in December 2004. He is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Las Vegas Sands Corp. The bigger parent company of Venetian Macao Limited which runs The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and the Sands Expo and the Convention Center. Adelson fortune is up by $7 billion since 2010, as his strong position in the crazy casino Asian markets by pushing stock of Las Vegas Sands roughly 50% to a recent $48 (Shares have once traded as low as $1.50 in 2009.) Through his majority-owned major Sands China, Adelson has 3 resorts in Macau.

The original source of Mr Adelson’s wealth and current investments was a computer trade show COMDEX, which he and his partners developed for the computer  industry the first show was in the year 1979. He then sold it to the Japan’s Softbank for $862 million in 1995 and later built two Casino Hotels, for $1.5 billion Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and the 1.2-million-square-foot Sands Convention Center in 1997 in Las Vegas. He also opened up the $1.9 billion Palazzo resort in 2008.


Andrew Black 

Andrew Black

Net Worth: $187.5 Million

Source of Riches: Gambling
Nationality of gambler: United Kingdom (North Ireland)

Black, 47, he is a former professional gambler doing online betting exchange in 2000 with former partner Ed Wray (qv). The London based business came up on the stock exchange market in October last year and it is worth just over £1 billion. Black’s stake is worth £105 million, to which we add £20 million for the past share sales and other assets he has acquired. This is not bad for a man who didn’t have a job until he became 26 years.


Nigel Page and Justine Laycock

Nigel Page and Justine Laycock

Net Worth: $84 Million

Source of Riches: Lottery
Nationality of gamblers: United Kingdom

Nigel Page, 44, and Laycock, 42, have become Britain’s biggest lottery winners in February 2010,when the couple won £56m with a EuroMillions lucky dip ticket that Page bought online. They have sworn to look after their family members and close friends.

Page was running his own property agency company before he won the lottery, while Laycock was a representative for an estate agent. They have moved into an eco-friendly £4 million mansion and they also left their £400,000 house to their cleaner.


Ray Bitar

Ray BitarNet Worth: $40 Million

Source of Riches: Gambling, And Other Businesses
Nationality of Gambler: American


American businessman Raymond Bitar, CEO of Tiltware and one of the original founders of an online gambling poker site called Full Tilt Poker, Mr Bitar has an estimated net worth of $40 million. He founded Full Tilt Poker with  his partners Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer, who are also famous American poker players. Ray was formally an impartialities trader in Los Angeles, where Chris Ferguson was one of his client list. They became good friends and Ferguson introduced him to Howard Lederer and several partners to launch their Full Tilt Poker project. Since the passage of the Illegitimate Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, Tiltware renamed itself to “Pocket Kings” and relocated to Ireland gamblers. Full Tilt Poker is the second most-popular online poker site, this site has operated since 2004 until 2011 when it unfortunately shut down by the U.S. Justice Department which has accused the company of bank fraud,  money laundering and illegal gambling. The company has denied the charge claims. The FBI have charged Mr Bita with illegal gambling, bank fraud, and money laundering offenses this faces up to 145 years in prison if convicted of all the charges.


Jonathan Duhamel

Jonathan DuhamelNet Worth: $32 Million

Source of Riches: Professional Poker player
Nationality of gambler: Canada
Date of Birth of the Gambler: August 24, 1987



The Canadian professional poker player, he is best known as the winner of the Main Event on the 2010 World Series of Poker (WSOP), Jonathan Duhamel has an estimated net worth of $32 million. Mr Duhamel has earned his net worth through all  his poker tournament winnings and is the winner of the Main Event at the World Series of Poker in 2010. He is also known as the first Canadian to ever win a gold bracelet for the Main Event. Starting on 2010, his live tournament winnings surpasses $9,000,000, that is the vast majority of which comes from his $8.9 million first place prize at the 2010 Main Event.

Highest ITM Main Event finish: Winner, 2010 (US$8,944,310)

World Series of Poker Records: Bracelet: 1 , Money finishes: 3

How to Be a Successful Online Casino Gambler

Begin with the cash-loot.

Before you can use any knowledge of gambling, you must have financial management and focused discipline, to begin with cash-loot. A lot of gamblers will put together whatever cash they can find and think that luck is on their side, or they have the law of averages theory that will make them a winner. Thing do not happen that way in the world of gambling.

A small cash flow causes gamblers to play nervously and that will impact them from making wise decisions on building a strong cash flow that will help them store huge money. Minimum cash-loot is a drawback that will make one to make bad moves just to stay in the game instead of whipping the house, when one encounter a hot or cold streak.
Let’s just say you make a bet laying out your odds and you don’t have enough cash to do so. And you simply make that flat bet. That bet you made wins, but you still lack cash flow! It will affect your game play and caused you to change a seemly good betting decision because you don’t have the proper cash flow, that could range anywhere from R1,500 to R5,500 or even more depending on your current financial state.


Give yourself a losing limit.

Set a losing limit for each and every day depending on your daily gambling limit. That limit is what you can comfortably afford to lose without destroying your cash flow. For you to be successful you can never bet your last chip. As a gambler you should last till your session is over or until your win and reach your goal or your loss your reach your daily limit. If you lose your set amount your play is over for the day. A win completely eliminates the possibility of you ever going broke. A lose limits at least 50% of your cash flow, and this must be observed at all times. This means you can lose anywhere up to 50% and never more than that. The reason why you should take more money with you is that you are a danger to many gamblers with minimum cash. If you are tempted to gamble with your extra money, then you have no discipline. You can even make your loss limit lower, but never go below 25% of your cash flow. You might corrupt your recovery power the when you lower your loss limit. When you losing you don’t have to wait for your exact loss percentage to quit a game. When you losing at a certain percentage and can’t get back your cash flow, you have to realize that you’re in wrong spot and pack up before your established loss limit is finished.


Set up a win goal limit.

Set up a daily amount of cash you want to reach. Come up with a winning goal before your first bet, do not do this after you get ahead. You must set this on your starting cash flow, it’s the same as the loss limit. You usually set a winning goal at 50% but never more than 60% daily. That does not say you can’t win more than 50% or 60%. When you reach your goal you can continue playing until you have a loss that limit. You will continue as long as your still winning or breaking even on that day. The winning goal is only a pointer to you to reach and then guarantee your profit for that day. Winning goals must be small and realistic so that you can get them easily and then go for the bigger stakes.


Always know that gambling is a very tough business.

You must accept that gambling is a tough business and winning small amounts regularly is better than always going for the big hit. You’ll have a big days when you least expect it, but the main big thing is to always minimize losses your cash flow. If you learn and observe the cash management system and discipline techniques that comes with it presented in any money management system, you will see how much you can bank each and every day, your cash flow will remain actively stored. As long as you have sufficient cash flow that allows you to compete in games, you’re a threat to the online gambling world!


It’s Important that you practice good money management.

Money management is the most important out of four key ingredients to winning at gambling. Money management is an essential key system. It is gives you the ability to manage, control, preserve and build a cash flow you started with. Each and every bet you make must be spontaneous and scheduled. There must be no emotional attachment, no hunches, no guesswork and no depending on luck or lucky ornaments. Every bet must be calculated and logical whether you are progressing or retrogressing. Your ability to manage your cash flow, you must always focus on minimizing losses at all times.

Money management systems must be accomplished at all times. A lot of gamblers practice good money management till they get ahead on storing the cash. That is when a lot of greed takes over, after gamblers get ahead. Greed pushes gamblers to try and win huge amounts a go. Greed replaces good money management and causes gamblers make dumb bets and lose a lot of cash flow. Greed wears down the small profits that has been accumulated and leads to ruins. It has happened to a lot of professional gamblers in the world.

Online Poker Reviews

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888 Poker888Poker.com is one of the top primary poker sites and is one of the biggest online poker networks in the world. The 888Poker brand comprises of online casino, betting site, bingo hall, and including the 888 poker site. What makes 888 Poker differently unique from others sites is their super perfuming software in 3D. Gamblers can get top promotions plus a current 100% to R6000 deposit bonus in addition to a free R80 no deposit bonus. The free cash offer is accessible to new gamblers that join 888 Poker through our site for the 1st time. No bonus code is required to get this bonus. Simply create a new gamblers account, and an instant bonus will be in your account once you deposit.



BWIN Poker – BWIN Poker is the third biggest poker site in Europe, after 888.com and PartyPoker. Gamblers at BWIN Poker is win a lot no matter what games or stakes they play. BWIN Poker is a a excessive site whether you cash-out on most of your games. If you prefer Sit and Go tournaments. Gamblers at BWIN Poker will really have an good chance to move up in levels as they play in some of the highest cash stake games and tournaments online. All new gamblers who sign up to BWIN Poker through Online Casino SA site will receive a 100% bonus up to R5000. This bonus is easy to reach and clear, you’ll also qualify for the VIP rewards membership which gives you additional cash incentives.



Winner Poker – WinnerPoker is an iPoker site providing to the Canadian and European continent. WinnePoker is well known for having some really good promotions and bonuses for their gamblers and WinnerPoker often host huge guaranteed tournaments, where gamblers can win some serious cash. The downside to WinnerPoker is that they do not cater for US gamblers at the moment. The Winnerpoker site has the ability to allow games to be played in Euros, Pounds, CDN dollar and provide an easy to use smart friendly platform compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. WinnerPoker is gives you a 250% sign-up bonus up to the maximum amount of R10 000 when you make your first deposit through Online Casino SA.


PokerStarsPokerStars.com is the biggest online poker site out on the internet and they have recently gotten to the 20 Millionth customers level. If you are looking for a poker site you will defiantly love PokerStars.com  a lot of gamblers actively gamble here they say this is the place to be. If you are a Sit and Go gambler you will be happy to see the gamblers actively Sit and Go’s at PokerStars. This is huge and you will never have to wait long for the SNG’s to start. PokerStars.com is home to the largest online poker tournament that is called the PokerStars Sunday Million which has a buy in of R2150 and a guaranteed prize pool of $1.5 Million. New gamblers at PokerStars can get a free R500 signup bonus if you enter the PokerStars marketing code PSP11903 when you create your  through Online Casino SA.