Falling in Love with the wrong poker hand is dangerous

Poker hands that you should not play includes any combination that is low ranked and not paired. 2- 9, 2-8, 2-7, 3-8, 3-7 (no way you will make a straight here) are really poor hands. They are low so if any other players have faces on their cards (Kings, Queens and Jacks) then they will have a much higher chance of winning. play the cards that at least give you a winner’s chance.

New online gamblers don’t completely understand the worth of a upper hands when playing poker. They somehow see a good starting hand and think it’s good to fight and win a huge poker pot. Unfortunately, Online Casino SA doesn’t think like that too, and if you think like that you will lose a lot of money if you think this way.

Falling in love with the wrong hand is very risky. For sure the Ace and Queen looks good before the flop, but if you don’t connect with the flop you have to let that hand go before you get yourself in trouble.

It is always a misconception for 1st time gamblers to get attached to certain poker hands and it’s one of the things that will cause them to lose a huge amount of  money, almost every time they pick up their hand.

This also applies to gamblers who pick a favourite hand this is also dangerous. Many gamblers have their favourite hand that is based on a hand which won them a big pot of cash, but a lot of gamblers do not realise the amount of cash they lose with that hand that made them win previously, accumulate to much then that pot brought them. Gamblers will often play the same hand from any position, meaning they are putting themselves into huge misfortune, putting themselves out of position with a huge marginal hand. They might win a few small pots with that hand they love, which only increases their attachment to this particular hand.

Most gamblers favourite hand will be a suited connector, such as Jack and 10, which is a proper hand but nothing is special. Getting attached to a certain hands is a dangerous decision, be equipped to change hands like muck hands which do not improve and never elect a favourite hand.


Respect your Poker hand and your bankroll

When your gambling (poker) career progresses and your bankroll investment grows, you will slowly move up your limit after limit. By way of reaching the higher limits cash becomes less and less essential in your gambling career. You will get to a point where you start thinking about big screens rather than dollars (cash).Poker-Hand

I remember the day when I started playing free online poker games on Online Casino SA then actually down loading a poker game and depositing real money and gamble for the first time; I would drive past the car dealership looking at the prices of new sports cars thinking, “which idiot would pay $9 000 to have that sports car rather than a used sports car for $1500 or less?” I now go to the same sports car dealership every 3 weeks in my new sports car that’s worth twice the value of $9 000 and even give other prospect advice on the value and worth of other sports cars.

I’ve been known to move around with large sums of cash as if its normal to carry hundred thousand’s in my bag. When my friends and family start to notice the kind of cash I pull out when I have to pay for something, they start to go mad. It’s no big deal to me to go around carrying a few thousand, but to them it’s a big deal to have that kind of cash. They feel I’m irresponsible for bringing out that cash in case I get robbed or I lose it but too be honest, it wouldn’t be a big deal knowing the amount of cash I have in the safe that does not bother me much. Some bad session of online poker would lose me quite a lot of cash, to them it would completely ruin their lives if they were to lose that much cash at a stupid game like online poker.

A online poker pro can lose a huge amount of cash in one or two session that a regular gambler earns in several months or even a year of working, if you watch a few hands of poker, you will see gamblers such as Gus Hansen losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in just one hand.

Most of the professional poker players are the ones who changed the mind-set of losing money, not the other way round. Not many gamblers can think above money and not focus on the bankroll its self, Professional poker players do it remember when you first started poker, how you thought about cash. You may somehow still feel the same way about it but there is no doubt, once you begin playing high stakes that vision of cash goes straight away. There is only so many times you can get thrilled about winning a couple thousand dollars in couple of minutes before it becomes second nature, its the same as losing that big amount of cash.

That is why  professional poker players need to respect the right amount of cash, otherwise it just becomes less important and your poker hand suffers as you have no encouragement to gamble, as your bankroll becomes meaningless to your professional poker career.

Vegas Red Casino Review



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Expect to be spoiled at every step of the way with great promotional offers, big bonuses and seasonal giveaways. There’s always a little extra on hand when you play at Vegas Red.

Hot Games

Bottom line, an online casino is only as good as its games. While bonuses and other freebies may be an initial draw, what you’re really sticking around for are the good times and big winnings.

Luckily Vegas Red delivers on this front as well. With some 300 cutting-edge Playtech powered games on offer, the selection is virtually unprecedented.

Roulette, blackjack, video poker, slots – you name it, whatever your game of choice, you’re sure to find it here and plenty more.  Thanks to realistic graphics, great sound effects and glitch-free software, playing online games has never felt this real.

Make sure to play in Real Money Mode though. That’s the only way to walk away with a jackpot prize.

Speaking of jackpots, if you’re looking for the ultimate win, our top recommendation would have to be one of the progressive jackpot games like Gold Rally, Beach Life or Marvel jackpot slots.

Hot Service

In our opinion, helpfulness is hot, which only adds to the overall appeal of Vegas Red, where helpful customer service is a big part of the game.

Friendly and efficient support agents are available around the clock to help you with any and all of your gaming needs. Whether you need help claiming a bonus, downloading the free casino software or understanding your VIP benefits, there is always someone available to assist by phone, email or chat.

Hot Casino

Overall, experience has proven that Vegas Red is indeed one hot online casino. By hot we mean great! We loved the games, the bonuses, the service and of course the ambience. If you like Vegas gambling, then we’re pretty sure you’ll love Vegas Red.

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Free-rolls 5 Important Tips for Online Poker

Free-rolls Online poker is a great way to learn the basics of poker when you start out. You have a great chance of winning real actual cash as you learn. You will become more skilled and start to form real bankroll, you will see how bad it is when you play on a free-roll. It is always hard to always be consistently successful while playing free-rolls poker, but it’s never impossible. This is what this newsletter is all about, Online Casino SA is giving you five top tips that will make you love free-rolls online poker.

1st  Tip – Be smart till the donkeys have gone

In an typical free-roll of 1000 gamblers, just around 500-700 gamblers will play like they don’t want to be there, or simply not focused. They can go all-in with any two cards, no matter what cards their opponents have. They can just play horrible online poker. It makes the game all-in or fold for the next first half an hour or so. It will be more unfortunate when they strike it lucky and start rolling up. They might even become the top stack player but still continue to go all-in each and every hand.Online-Poker

The best thing you can do at that point is to sit tight and be patient. You can change your luck with a superior hand, because of the number of players that will call, your chance of winning might be slim. After a number of hours most of these players will be long gone, and the remaining gamblers will either have a very large stack and would have settled down, others just have a small size of the stake.

2nd Tip– Know about your chances and if they are slim

While this sounds negative, the chances are you won’t reach the cash stages of the free-roll. This is because there are so many gamblers, playing a bad poker game. It takes a miracle to reach the finishing table. Luck gamblers is a huge factor in poker and you will have get to a point where you have to win literally on every coin flip you are involved in, not to comment on every hand you are ahead in and a few pots where you have dominated, without that luck you stand no chance of making real cash..

3rd Tip – Spotting the poker sit

On some poker games, it is not rare to be seated at a table in which you are the only gamblers sitting in. As these tournaments are free to enter, gamblers can feel less obliged to play regardless of entering, a lot basically forget the tournament because they just not important to them. A lot of gamblers seem to sit outs as a drawback but that is not the case. You can be lucky enough to be sitting to the left of a couple of sit outs so you can see and steal their blinds, but either way sit outs at your table are an advantage.

When you first get seated at a table, take a quick look around and see how many usernames have “Sit Out” next to them. Say if you are playing 10 handed and there are 4 players are sitting out, you are basically playing 6 handed. This totally changes the dynamics of the poker game and allows you to switch your strategy to a more forceful style.

4th Tip – Watching the style of the game when it changes

Online Casino SA has mentioned in  the 1st tip, that first hour of a tournament is more like all-in or fold. After this, the game changes drastically. This becomes more like a low limit game, although not exactly that way. You will still get the same loose gamblers, but at a much less volume. The gamblers will start to change completely, when you near the cash, they will tense up up dramatically. This is because the cash is too important to everyone to start an online bankroll, they have probably been gambling for hours and hours on end and want some sort of reward for their time. When this take place you must definitely change your style of play. You should know, when the table tightens up, you must become more forceful and start stealing blinds at this level.

5th Tip – Don’t become disillusioned, focus

This isn’t really a tip for winning online poker free-rolls, but some guidance for playing normal poker game. Poker free-rolls are like no other similarity of poker. The only type of poker you can compare a free-roll is to play for cash, in both games the members have nothing to lose.

You just cannot afford to become fixed in your ways when you start to wager for real poker cash. You will not find gamblers like this in any real cash games, this means you cannot play the same way either.

Beginner’s Guide to successful gambling

We are confident, you’ve heard a lot about online gambling – maybe you have a family member, colleague or friend who gambles regularly, and you thought about it. But then again where do you Start? A quick scan through search engines like Google will disclose that there are exactly thousands of online casinos to select from. The total number of online casinos can bring daunting.

Online Casino SA is going to present this as Q&A from top questions, we get requested by first time gamblers.


Q: How do I choose the best online casino?

A: Begin by searching for the kind of games you like to play online. There is a lot of different kinds of online games out there, and one that focuses on poker tournaments is perhaps not going to be the greatest  game for you as a beginner.

Other great things to consider when picking a online game is to play a free game that includes, a license and is regulated. Is it checked for fairness? Does the site have the games I want to play? Does it have easy to deposit  menus for money into the online casino? Will it be as easy to ways to cash out again? Can I gamble in my own currency or will I have to work with Forex?

Some advice, always do your research. Find yourself a trustworthy online casino site from your part of the world, such as www.onlinecasinosa.co.za, and read the review and articles on what other gamblers have said about your selected online casino.


Q: Is gambling online safe?

A: Yes, but having that said, delightfully exercise a certain number of sense. If something sounds too good to be true, it maybe is true. So, pick a online casino that is certified, and if that’s so, look for one that has some kind of oversight.

Internationally, there are a small number of organisations groups that enforce consumer rights at online casinos – companies like Technical Systems Testing that make sure that the games that are offer are fair, and can sometimes offer facilitation services if you have a problem.

If your online casino game is certificated from one of these organisations, this is a good pointer that it’s totally above board.


Q: How do I buy-in my online casino account?

A great deal of online casinos will happily accept deposits from a credit card. A few of the major international online casinos are going to the South African marketplaces and even have a South African currency deposits in Rands.

If you don’t want to use a credit card, or you don’t have a credit card for online gambling, you can look at an e-wallet solution. There are a number of them available, but you’ll need to pick one that your online casino accepts. Most online casinos are happy to accept business from South Africans.

Select a money solution that you can transfer money into and out of it, and use it to fund your online casino account and to receive winnings into a normal savings account in South Africa.